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Our People

Translation and philosophy; logic; theology; linguistics; literature; ethnography; history; science
French Sociolinguistics and Variation; the structure of spoken French; temporality (tense, connectives, frames); the linguistic structure of oralnNarrative; language policy
Language learner aspirations and expectations in relation to curriculum and assessment at post-primary level.  
Celtic languages; formal syntactic theory 
The language of literature; (cognitive) Stylistics; (critical) Discourse Analysis; translation Studies (of audiovisual/literary texts or from a linguistic perspective)
Dr Orla Lowry
Formulaic language, multiword-fixed expressions in Irish; memory studies: ideas of collective and cultural memory in linguistic landscapes; folkloristics: the narrative tradition and verbal arts
Onomastics; dialectology; language and identity in Ireland and Scotland; language and conflict; early modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic language and literature
Phonetics; phonology;clinical phonetics and linguistics; Irish English; literacy
Syntax and/or morphology (theoretical, comparative, minimalist/generative); cross-linguistic variation and its formal modelling in minimalist grammars; diachronic linguistics and language change from a formal perspective (especially Principles-and-Parameters Theory); generative approaches to first/child language acquisition 
Arabic-English translation; translation in the Arab world; media and journalistic translation; citizen media; narrative approaches; non-professional translation; digital culture; activist translation
Critical Discourse Analysis; language of crime; language in the media; language and the law; language and literature
Medieval Irish language and literature, particularly textual editing, lexicography, and narrative analysis.