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Our People

Translation and philosophy; logic; theology; linguistics; literature; ethnography; history; science
French Sociolinguistics and Variation; the structure of spoken French; temporality (tense, connectives, frames); the linguistic structure of oralnNarrative; language policy
Language learner aspirations and expectations in relation to curriculum and assessment at post-primary level.  
Celtic languages; formal syntactic theory 
The language of literature; (cognitive) Stylistics; (critical) Discourse Analysis; translation Studies (of audiovisual/literary texts or from a linguistic perspective)
Dr Orla Lowry
Formulaic language, multiword-fixed expressions in Irish; memory studies: ideas of collective and cultural memory in linguistic landscapes; folkloristics: the narrative tradition and verbal arts
Sonya Mathews
Sonya is completing a Ph.D. project called ‘Unlocking Our Past: Mapping the Oral Soundscape of Northern Ireland’. A website designer by trade and a linguist by training, she is creating an open access database to display, promote and analyse historical audio recordings of Northern Irish English. Her interests include interspeaker variation, phonetic microvariation, perceptual dialectology, and peanut butter.
Urban and youth varieties of French; corpus-based sociolinguistics; multilingualism; language attitudes and identity; language contact; corpus-assisted discourse studies.
Stylistics; Cognitive Stylistics; Indian Literature in English; Life-Writing; and Postcolonial/Global Literatures.
Onomastics; dialectology; language and identity in Ireland and Scotland; language and conflict; early modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic language and literature
Phonetics; phonology;clinical phonetics and linguistics; Irish English; literacy
Syntax and/or morphology (theoretical, comparative, minimalist/generative); cross-linguistic variation and its formal modelling in minimalist grammars; diachronic linguistics and language change from a formal perspective (especially Principles-and-Parameters Theory); generative approaches to first/child language acquisition 
Critical Discourse Analysis; language of crime; language in the media; language and the law; language and literature
Medieval Irish language and literature, particularly textual editing, lexicography, and narrative analysis.