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Complementary Therapies


Creative Writing

Cultural Studies

Digital Photography

Environment and Archaeology

First Aid

Practical First Aid Autumn & New Year


History and Politics

1930s Ireland: New Beginnings and Old Animosities Autumn
1944: The Beginning of the End Autumn
1945: Year of Victory New Year
A History of Modern Britain, Part 5: The Transfer of Power 1689-1727 Autumn
A History of the USA, Part 4: Across the Wide Missouri 1800-1850 Autumn
A History of the USA, Part 5: Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War 1850-1865 New Year
A Turbulant History of Russia from Peter the Great to Gorbachev New Year
Belfast: Mud Flat to 19th Century Capital City Autumn
British Football: A Social History - THIS CLASS HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN  
Builders of East Belfast: A Walking Tour Autumn
Builders of Queen's University and South Belfast: A Walking Tour Autumn
Builders of West Belfast, Part 2: A Walking Tour Autumn
China: The Empire Strikes Back! Autumn
Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin 1: Poland to Pearl Harbor Autumn
Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin 2: Pearl Harbor to Potsdam New Year
Destined for War? An examination of Past and Current Great Power Rivalry New Year
Exploring Parish Registers: Baptisms, Marriages, Burials Autumn
History of India 1: The Indus Valley to the Moghul Empire Autumn
History of India 2: The Moghul Empire to Independence New Year
Impossible Justice: Nazi War Criminals New Year
Michael and Natasha: The Life and Love of the Last Tsar of Russia Autumn
Plagues and Pox: Medicine and Society in Early Modern Britain and Ireland New Year
Poland from World War to Cold War (1919 to 1989) New Year
Poverty and Public Health in Victorian Britain and Ireland Autumn
Radicalisation: What is it and how do we stop it? Autumn
Rome: Augustus and Tiberius Autumn
Rome: Caligula, Claudius and Nero New Year
The Decline and Fall of the British Empire - THIS CLASS HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN Autumn
The Eve of Destruction? The World in 1968 Autumn & New Year
The Famine in Belfast Autumn
The History, Art and Architecture of Moscow and St Petersburg New Year
The Little Giant: Isambard Kingdom Brunel Autumn
The Ottoman Empire New Year
The Roots of Facism Part 2: The Early Years of Goebbels, Goering and Eichmann Autumn
The Roots of Facism: The Early Years of Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich Autumn
The Tories: A History of the Conservative Party, Part 1 - From Pitt to Balfour New Year
The USSR: The Portrait of a Superpower Autumn
Thinking About Politics: How Critical Thinkng can Transform Current Affairs New Year
Top of the Pops: A Social History of British Pop Music - THIS CLASS HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN New Year
Ulster in the Nineteenth Century New Year
Victoria's Wars Autumn
World War 1: Irish Connections Autumn


If you are unsure of which language course to choose have a look at our Language Levels page.  There is an information evening on Monday 9 September from 6.00 pm to 8.00pm if you wish to speak to a language tutor.  See here for details.

French: Beginners', False Beginners', Lower Intermediate, Intermediate,  Autumn
French: Upper Intermediate, Language Intermediate Club, Language Club Autumn
French: Beginners' (New Year) New Year
French Conversation Club (Intermediate) Autumn
French: Explore 8 cities in France Autumn
French Grammar Clinic Autumn
French Pronunciation Clinic Autumn
German: Beginners', Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Language Club Autumn
German: Beginners' (New Year) New Year
Greek: Classical Greek: Beginners' Autumn
Greek: Classical Greek: Language Club Autumn
Irish: Beginners', Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate Autumn
Irish: Pronunciation Clinic Autumn
Italian Refresher Course for Post-Beginners Autumn
Italian: Beginners', Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Language Club Autumn
Italian: Upper Intermediate Grammar Autumn
Italian: Carosello for Upper Intermediate New Year
Italian Lunchtime Conversation Autumn
Italian: Beginners' (New Year) New Year
Italian Grammar Clinic New Year
Italian Pronunciation Clinic Autumn & New Year
Italian: The Perfect Italian Christmas Meal Autumn
Italian Book Club: My Brilliant Friend New Year
Japanese: Beginners', Post-Beginners, Lower Intermediate Autumn
Spanish: Beginners', Lower Intermediate, Intermediate Autumn
Spanish: Upper Intermediate, Language Club Upper Intermediate & Advanced Autumn
Spanish: Beginners' (New Year) New Year
Spanish Grammar workshop: el Subjuntivo Autumn & New Year



Leisure Skills


Media Studies and Drama


Personal Development and Communications

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