Cycle Parking Locations

Locking / Parking facilities

The following sites are available for staff and students to secure their cycles around the University. Please be advised, cycles are not permitted to be stored within University buildings at any stage:

 Site  Building / Location  Description
 Main Rear of Administration Building  10 x 'Sheffield' stands

Front of entrance to International and Postgraduate Student Centre

 11 x 'Sheffield' stands
  Main Rear of International and Postgraduate Student Centre (opposite front entrance to The McClay Library) 12 x 'Sheffield' stands
  Main Rear of The McClay Library 8 x 'Sheffield' stands
 Main Front entrance to The McClay Library   15 x 'Sheffield' stands


Off University Square (towards Old Library)

 4 x 'Sheffield' stands
 Main Old Physics / Archway  4 x 'Sheffield' stands
 Main South Dining Hall  5 x 'Sheffield' stands
 Main Peter Froggatt Centre  5 x 'Sheffield' stands
Main College Park East

10 x 'Sheffield'


 Main Cloisters / Car park  10 x 'Sheffield' stands
Ashby At entrance to Ashby Annex (Lab block) 12 x 'Sheffield' stands
 Bernard Crossland Front of Bernard Crossland Building  5 x 'Sheffield' stands
 DKB Stranmillis road  10 x 'Sheffield' stands
  DKB Internal Quad Area 14 x 'Sheffield' stands
 MBC Front of Whitla Medical Building  4 x 'Sheffield' stands
 MBC Front of the MBC Building  15 x 'Sheffield' stands
 MBC Front of School of Pharmacy  3 x 'Sheffield' stands
 Elmwood Adajacent to Geography Building  5 x 'sheffield' stands
 Student Union Main entrance off University Road  15 x 'sheffield' stands
 PEC Opposite main entrance  30 x 'Sheffield' stands
Architecture Building   5 x 'Sheffield' stands
ECIT Opposite main entrance 15 x 'Sheffield' stands

Security Tips 

  • Where possible, always use the University cycle stands provided on campus. Grills and gates can be cut with bolt cutters; if you lock up to a short post, determined thieves may unbolt the sign and lift the bike up and off the post
  • Be sure to secure the frame, and not just the wheels, to a cycle stand. If you only secure the wheels, a thief may steal the bike and leave the wheels behind
  • Invest in a good quality lock; D or U locks offer the most protection
  • Remember - lock it or lose it - further tips, click here
  • When buying a bike, budget for security. For further information, click here

Get insurance

An easy way to do this is to extend your home contents insurance to cover your bicycle, but make sure it covers you for thefts outside the home. If your bicycle is particularly valuable you may need to insure it separately.

Keep a record of your frame number

Without it, the PSNI wont be able to reunite a recovered bike with you, the owner. You can also register your frame number online at