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Venue and Sessions

Venue and Sessions
IPSAM 2023 Venue and Sessions

AFBI New Forge Lane (Headquarters)

18a Newforge Lane

Belfast, Co Antrim

Northern Ireland, UK


Telephone: +44 (0)28 9025 5636




AFBI Crossnacreevy,
50 Houston Road,

Telephone: +44(0)28 9054 8000



 2nd Circular


Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the conference registration is now open for IPSAM2020.

We would also like to renew our invitation for sending contributions and are currently accepting abstract submissions.

The conference will host the following scientific sessions:

Opening Address:  Elizabeth Magowan, HoD SAFSD (AFBI) 

1) Pathology

Session Chairs: Fiona Doohan (UCD), Richard O’Hanlon (AFBI), Ewen Mullins (Teagasc)

2) Phenotyping 

      Session Chairs:  Sonia Negrao (UCD), Julio Isidro (UDC) 

       3) Phenology

     Session Chairs: Astrid Wingler (UCC), Jon Yearsley (UCD)

4) Plant Pests

Session Chairs: Colin Flemming (AFBI), Archie Murchie (AFBI), Jonny Dalzell (QUB)

5) Sustainable Farming Practices

      Session Chairs:  Alistair Carson (DAERA), Paul Cottney (AFBI), James Dooley (UU), Ryan McGuire (QUB)

       6) Nutrient Cycling

      Session Chairs: S.M. Ashekuzzaman (Teagasc), Hao Zhang (Lancaster University)  Rebecca Hall (QUB), Jason Chin (QUB)

       7) Plants & Soils

Session Chairs: Duncan Cameron (University of Sheffield), Saoirse Tracy (UCD), Suzanne Higgins (AFBI), Paul Williams (QUB)

8) Varieties

Session Chairs: Lisa Black (AFBI),  Steven Kildea (Teagasc), John-Joe Byrne (DAFM),  Sean Burns (AHDB), Seven Jess (AFBI)

Conference Dinner – Speaker. Trevor Gilliland (AFBI)

Valedictory talk:  Fiona Doohan (UCD)

Keynote Speakers Include: Tim Sparks (Pozan University of Life Sciences), Hao Zhang (Lancaster University), Fiona Doohan (UCD), Colin Fleming (AFBI), Duncan Cameron (Sheffield University), Saoirse Tracy (UCD), and Ethel White (AFBI). 

For more information, visit

We are looking forward to hosting the thriving IPSAM community, to discuss the latest science developments and applications, and to spend a few days together with fellow researchers. 

With best wishes,

Paul Williams (QUB Biological Sciences)

Lisa Black (AFBI Crossnacreevy)

Paul Cottney (Early Career Researcher)

on behalf of the local organising committee