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Project Team

The Research Team

Academics from Queen's University Belfast developing resources and empirically evaluating their effectiveness. 

Research Fellow
Dr Zachary Petzel

Social neuroscientist whose research focuses on the psychological and neurophysiological responses to sexism and stereotypes among women in science.

Research Fellow
Dr Lynn Farrell

Research focuses on the nature & malleability of gender bias in STEM. Research interests include gender stereotypes & bias, implicit relational responding, RFT.

Programme Director
Dr Ioana Latu

Social psychologist and lecturer whose research examines how gender stereotypes affect women’s performance and how their negative effects can be reduced.

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Principal Investigator
Professor Su Taylor

Professor of Structural Engineering and Dean of Research EPSRC Faculty.

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Professor Rhiannon Turner

Social psychologist whose expertise is in developing and evaluating laboratory and applied interventions that aim to change people’s attitudes and behavior.

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Professor Teresa McCormack

Head of the School of Psychology who led QUB Psychology’s SWAN committee to securing three successive awards, including renewal of its Gold award in 2017.

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Dr Karen Rafferty

Deputy Head of the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Member of the Intelligent Manufacturing Pioneering Research Programme.

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The Implementation Team

Academics from Queen's University Belfast, University of Glasgow, and University of Warwick assisting in development of resources and facilitating recruitment of participants for research.

Queen's University Belfast

  • Professor Mark Price (Pro-Vice Chancellor for the EPS Faculty)
  • Professor Su Taylor (Dean of Research for the EPS Faculty)
  • Dr Sandra Scott-Hayward (School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science)
  • Dr Miryam Arredondo-Arechavala (School of Maths and Physics)
  • Dr Charlie McCartan (School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering)
  • Dr Sree Nanukuttan (School of Natural and Built Environment )
  • Professor Vivek Ranade (School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

University of Glasgow

  • Dr Sarah Croke (School of Physics and Astronomy)
  • Dr Helen Mulvana (School of Engineering)

University of Warwick

  • Dr Susan Burrows (Department of Physics)
  • Professor Gavin Brown (Deputy Head of Department in the Mathematics Institute)
  • Dr Ann Dixon (Department of Chemistry)
The Advisory board

Individuals with an established track record in either researching or implementing gender equality initiatives that will review developed resources and guide implementation.

  • Professor Yvonne Galligan (Dublin Institute of Tehcnology/Technological University Dublin)
  • Professor Tom Millar (School of Mathematics and Physics, Queen's University Belfast)
  • Conor Curran (Head of the Diversity and Inclusion Unit, Queen's University Belfast)
  • Professor Jessi Smith (Psychology, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs)
  • Professor Tomas Brage (Physics, Head of the Gender and Equality group of Science Faculty, Lund University)
  • Jennifer Dyer (Head of Diversity at the Institute of Physics)