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Current Research

The relationships between inflammatory profiles and bladder carcinogenesis

A number of the HaBio Team completed TissueGnostics training in June 2015. TissueGnostics is a software designed for automated counting, notably for diaminobenzidine immunohistochemical staining, that is undertaken on tissue slides. We are currently evolving protocols for the analyses of inflammatory markers relevant to the HaBio study.   These protocols will be applied to tissue sections in Tissue Microarray format.  The Northern Ireland Molecular Pathology Laboratory constructed these Tissue microarrays using tissue samples from patients recruited to HaBio.  The tissue samples we have included in the Tissue Microarrays were surplus to diagnostic need. 


Assessment of Cumulative Chemical Risk in HaBio patients

Our objective is to evolve a method that stratifies the risk each HaBio patient has to develop bladder cancer by applying a cumulative exposure score (CES), derived to reflect each patient’s exposure to chemicals through cigarette smoking and their past occupations.