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INVOLVE_FP Webinar Series

The INVOLVE_FP project is committed to information sharing and knowledge dissemination. We are hosting a number of webinars with presentations from members of the INVOLVE_FP team and our International Expert Advisory Group on a range of topics related to the central interest of this project; Involving men and boys in family planning. 

The full schedule of events is shown below with links to tailored time zone conversions. All events are free to register and attend using the links provided. Please note this schedule may be subject to change.

If you are interested in learning more about the INVOLVE_FP Webinar Series please contact: Dr Áine Aventin or Dr Martin Robinson.





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20th October 2020



(World Clock for Webinar 1)

Title: The use of behaviour change theory in family planning interventions involving men and boys: Implications for research and practice


Speakers: Dr Martin Robinson

Chair: Dr Maria Lohan

[Watch Webinar 1]

17th November 2020



(World Clock for Webinar 2)

Title: Engaging men and boys in sexual and reproductive health and rights globally: Lessons from two WHO systematic reviews


Speakers: Dr Eimear Ruane-McAteer & Prof Maria Lohan

Chair: Dr Martin Robinson

[Watch Webinar 2]

8th December 2020


(World Clock for Webinar 3)

Title: Getting to Equal: A life-course approach to men’s sexual and reproductive health


Speaker: Dr Margaret Greene

Chair: Prof Maria Lohan

[Watch Webinar 3]

19th January 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 4)

Title: Engaging men and boys in South Africa in sexual and reproductive health behaviours using soccer and film


Speakers: Prof Mark Tomlinson & Dr Áine Aventin

Chair: Dr Eimear Ruane-McAteer

[Watch Webinar 4]

16th February 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 5)

Title: Building Community Ownership of Maternal and Child Health Interventions: Lessons from Nigeria


Speaker: Prof Friday Okonofua

Chair: Prof Mike Clarke

[Watch Webinar 5]

23rd March 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 6)

Title: Involvement of men to improve the health outcomes of children, women and men


Speaker: Mr Clive Ingleby

Chair: Dr Martin Robinson

[Watch Webinar 6]

20th April 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 7)

Title: Accelerating Impact: Maximising the usefulness of research evidence


Speaker: Prof Mike Clarke

Chair: Dr Jennifer Hanratty

[Watch Webinar 7]

13th May 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 8)


Title: Opportunities, challenges and countervailing narratives: Exploring men’s gendered involvement in contraception and family planning in Southern Malawi


Speaker: Mr Tim Shand

Chair: Dr Áine Aventin

[Watch Webinar 8]

16th June 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 9)


Title: Delivery strategies for optimizing uptake of contraceptives among adolescents aged 15– 19 years in Nsanje District, Malawi


Speaker: Dr Linda Nyondo-Mipando

Chair: Dr Martin Robinson

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TBC August 2021



Title: Interventions to increase men’s involvement in maternal and new-born health: emerging findings from systematic reviews on their effectiveness and acceptability


Speaker: Dr Liz Comrie Thomson

Chair: Prof Friday Okonofua

[Coming Soon]

14th Sept 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 11)

Title: What works, for whom, and in what context? Using Causal Chain Analysis to understand family planning interventions that involve men & boys


Speaker: Dr Jennifer Hanratty

Chair: Dr Aine Aventin

[Coming Soon]

19th October 2021


(World Clock for Webinar 12)

Title: Achieving intervention EASE using the multiphase optimization strategy


Speaker: Prof Linda Collins

Chair: Dr Áine Aventin


9th Novemeber 2021


Title: Involving Men and Boys in Family Planning: The characteristics and components of effective interventions in low- and middle-income countries


Speakers: Dr Áine Aventin & Prof Maria Lohan

Chair: Prof Mark Tomlinson

[Coming Soon]