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The final programme lists all papers from registered presenters that have been accepted for the 2023 Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association of Ireland, hosted by Queen’s University Belfast from 20-22 October.

If you are presenting a paper, please bring along any slides on a USB stick and arrive in your panel’s assigned room 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Each presenter will be allocated 10-12 minutes for their presentation. It is not necessary to circulate papers in advance.

If you are chairing a paper, please also arrive in your panel’s assigned room 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Each panel room will be equipped with a laptop connected to a projector. Please ask presenters to upload their slides to this laptop before the session begins. Chairs are responsible for ensuring that presenters respect the time limit of 10-12 minutes and for facilitating a Q&A discussion with the audience. While panels do not have a dedicated discussant, chairs are welcome (but not expected) to offer brief reflections on presentations before inviting audience interaction.

As a reminder, panels scheduled for Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October will take place in Assembly Buildings; panels scheduled for Sunday 22 October will take place in the Europa Hotel. Please visit the registration desk to collect your badge when you first arrive as attendees will be required to wear their badge in all conference spaces. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, it should go without saying that all participants are expected to adhere to the highest of professional standards.

If you have any queries please contact the Organising Committee:


Final Programme (11,490 KB)