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Combining environmental and medical datasets to explore potential associations between environmental factors and health: Policy implications for human health risk assessments. in M Young (ed.)..... McKinley, J, Ofterdinger, U, Palmer, S, Jackson, C, Fogarty, D & Gavin, A Northern Ireland Published Papers
Investigating the influence of environmental factors on the incidence of renal disease with compositional data analysis using balances McKinley, J.M, Mueller, U., Atkinson, P.M., Ofterdinger, U., Jackson, C. et al.. Northern Ireland Published Papers
Chronic kidney disease of unknown origin is associated with social deprivation and environmental urbanisation in Belfast, UK McKinley, J.M, Mueller, U., Atkinson, P.M., Ofterdinger, U., Cox, S F et al... Northern Ireland Published Papers
Association between community-based self-reported COVID-19 symptoms and social deprivation explored using symptom tracker apps: a repeated cross-sectional study in Northern Ireland McKinley J.M, Cutting D, Anderson N, et al. Northern Ireland Published Papers