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Who we are

There are more than 1 billion people in the world that cannot read. There are 10 million preventable deaths every year linked to social causes such as obesity, mental health and crime. In fact, in the next 15 minutes, 300 people will die of a social problem.

Is your organisation interested in addressing these social issues?

The solution to these social problems is social impact programmes that work. STRIDE is a university-based consultancy firm that specialises in social impact programmes. At STRIDE, we support organisations of all kinds, government departments and agencies to ensure their programmes are making measurable improvements in people’s health, wellbeing and educational outcomes.

Proven Track Record

STRIDE is a new venture building on a successful history. Our consultants have already secured more than £10m in research funding and we now offer a bespoke consultancy service alongside our successful research activity. This consultancy support offers guidance and insight to ensure you are creating social impact programmes that work.

The STRIDE team has designed, implemented and evaluated social impact programmes implemented in disadvantaged communities across the world. Our consultants have conducted more than 40 Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) of social impact programmes - the gold standard of what works evaluation.

For example, we conducted two RCT evaluations of after school programmes in a disadvantaged community in Tallaght, Dublin. Our RCT showed that one programme - the Doodle Den literacy programme - helped kids learn to read. However, an RCT of another - the Mate-tricks pro-social behaviour programme - actually made the kids’ behaviour worse. Our evaluation led to disinvesting in Mate-tricks and scaling up investment in Doodle Den.

Doodle Den has now been scaled up and is implemented across Ireland.