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Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer

"By signing up to the Technician Commitment, we are giving a commitment to you – to develop you; to recognise and to value you; to see your roles expand and develop along with the University as it goes through its own development process."


What is National Technical Commitment?

The Technician Commitment is a national initiative which aims to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians across all disciplines working in higher education and research. By signing the Technician Commitment, Queen's has pledged to take action on the key challenges affecting our technical staff as part of a journey to ensure visibility and recognition for our technicians.

National Technician Commitment website

Queen's technicians gather for first cross-faculty event

Queen's University Belfast hosted its first Technician Commitment Event on Wednesday 9 January 2019, celebrating the unique expertise and contribution of its 240 technicians.

Held in the Computer Science Building, the event brought together technical staff, the University's senior leaders and speakers from external partner organisations to share the overall intent and plans of the Technician Commitment here at Queen's, as well as the wider UK context.

Describing the event as "a great celebration of the work of our technical workforce and [their] enormous contribution to this University" in his opening address, Vice-Chancellor Ian Greer said: "This is the first time technicians from each of the three faculties have ever been brought together at Queen's and that is an important step and an important message."

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How can we support you?

Queen's University is fully committed to supporting our Technicians, providing specific training opportunities and organising events to showcase the great work carried out across the university.

Higher Education and Technician's Educational Development (HEaTED) is the UK's leading provider of professional development and networking opportunities for all disciplines of the technical workforce. They offer; CPD activities, an advisory service to identify the needs of our technical service and areas for improvement, membershipin the technicians community and network and resources, support and toolkits.

We also offer ongoing staff training to complement HEaTED training.

Professional Registration


Technician Commitment Steering Committee

More information will be published here in the coming months.