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Social Charter

Queen's University's Social Charter, launched in November 2017, shines a light on the significant contribution made by our students and staff and the positive impact we have on our society. Find out more through the links below.

The Charter reaffirms our commitment to engaging with society and celebrates the many ways our students and staff contribute to our place. Download the full booklet here:

Social Charter (PDF)

At Queen’s we translate ideas, academic teaching, research and professional expertise into action, resulting in impact that serves society at home and across the world in life-changing ways.

Within the University’s Corporate Plan, the Social Charter provides the platform for demonstrating the innovation, discovery and creativity of our staff and students and the regional, national and global impact of their work.

Social Charter Principles


We are committed to providing leadership locally and globally


We are committed to promoting a positive impact on society through our research and education


We are committed to equality and social justice

These principles will be realised by the way we promote: research with impact; education with social purpose; breaking boundaries to produce new knowledge; equality and excellence; civic culture and intercultural dialogue; sustainability; and by recognising and rewarding contributions from students and staff.

Signature Projects

The University’s Corporate Plan acknowledged and celebrated the Social Charter through the identification of 19 Signature Projects.

The original 19 Social Charter Signature Projects featured encapsulated the breadth of activity that Queen’s students and staff carry out every day, as well as representing the principles and themes contained within the Charter.

Research with Impact - Nurse
Research with Impact
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Education With Purpose
Education with social purpose
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Breaking Boundaries - Teacher
Breaking boundaries to produce new knowledge
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Civic Culture and Intercultural Dialogue
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Equality and Excellence
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Visit our Corporate Plan for 2016-21 website for more information on the further development of our University over these five years. The corporate plan supports the delivery of Vision 2020 underpinned by our Priorities for Growth and our Core Values.

To find out more about Queen’s University’s engagement work visit the Public Engagement site.

Our Vision

A world-class international university that supports outstanding students and staff, working in world-class facilities, conducting leading-edge education and research, focused on the needs of society.

Our Values

At the heart of delivering our Vision are five core values which express our shared understanding of what we believe, how we aim to behave and what we aspire to be as an international organisation: Integrity; Connected; Ambition; Respect; Excellence 
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