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Belfast and Northern Ireland

Five reasons you’ll feel at home in Belfast from the moment you step off the plane

We defy you not to get the warm and fuzzies when you hear the accent.

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Some people think that if you come to Northern Ireland and you’re not local, then you’ll be classed as an outsider. This couldn’t be more wrong – and here are just five reasons why.

1.The Northern Irish accent

You’ve got to love the wee Northern Irish accent. Every time I get to the gate in the airport to fly back to Belfast, it feels like I’m back already. There is nothing nicer than when you get on the plane and a Northern Irish accent welcomes you onboard.

Decode the local lingo.

2.In Belfast, everybody knows everybody

I used to scowl at my Northern Irish family always recognising someone when they were out and about. Now, I feel like one of them! Whenever you’re walking around, whether it be on campus, downtown or in your accommodation, you’ll always see someone you know. It’s likely that they’ll greet you by saying, ‘How’s youse doing?’ or ‘What’s the craic?’ The last time I flew into Belfast, the minute I landed I saw someone I knew!

3.Northern Ireland is full of people not from Northern Ireland

Don’t be thinking that just because you’re at uni in Northern Ireland, everyone else in Northern Irish. Queen’s is becoming more and more diverse - my flat at Elms BT9 had a great mix of students from England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Pakistan, China and even Ukraine! If that’s not diverse, I don’t know what is! The accommodation staff try to put together a real mix of students so even if a few Northern Irish students go home on a weekend, there’s still loads of others to mix with.

4.You make friends from all over

I would say the majority of people I’ve become friends with are Northern Irish - I now live with three Northern Irish guys, all of whom stay at the flat every weekend. And if you get some good Northern Irish mates, then you can beg them to show you a bit more of the country!

5.You’ll want to stay in Belfast after you graduate

There’s no chance you’ll want to go over to the hustle and bustle of somewhere like London when you graduate. I’ve only got a year left of my degree and I’ll be applying for jobs mainly in Northern Ireland. There are more and more jobs coming to Belfast so there’s really no need to head over to the likes of London when you graduate!

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Peter Moor

English with Linguistics | 2nd year | Huddersfield, England

I am 19 year old Yorkshire lad, born and bred but now studying English with Linguistics at Queen's. I decided to come to over to Northern Ireland after many holidays visiting family across the country. I am part of the university politics society and the debating society. This semester I'm also doing a French language course - wish me luck! I'm a keen swimmer which is certainly needed when this country has so much good food to offer!

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Peter Moor
Student blogger, BA English and Linguistics