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Belfast and Northern Ireland

Getting around in Belfast: Transport Guide

Belfast is a beautiful city that has so many ways of being explored. All the ways are inexpensive and great for students. Get ready for life in Belfast with Manasa's guide.

Bus outside the uni

Get walking

The first way is to walk! Belfast is a great walking friendly city, and you can get mostly anywhere in the city (also a great way to get your steps in!). Almost everywhere you need to go is accessible through walking and you get to look at beautiful architecture while you do.

Close up if the bottom of someone trainers as they walk

Take the bus or train with Translink

The second method is to use Translink. Translink is the public transport system in Northern Ireland and uses buses and trains to get the public where they need to go. The metro buses are the general city buses that take you through various routes in the city while the glider service is relatively new and is a faster bus service that connects the different parts of Belfast.

NI Railways train


Both are great ways to get around the city and if you apply for the YLink card (free for students), you get a discount on all the prices. The second way of getting all around the city and throughout Northern Ireland is by train (Great Victoria Street, Lanyon Place and Botanic station). Translink also allows you to take the train to Dublin (also operated by Irish Rail) and all-over Northern Ireland.

Get on yer bike

Another way of getting around the city is through biking. Belfast is a lovely place to bike through as there are a lot of bike lanes within the roads. Getting your own bike is great but the Belfast bikes are also a great option available for those who don’t have one. You pay by time and can dock at any of the docking stations. I recommend this way as its super fun to bike through the city with your friends. You can pick one up outside the McClay library

Belfast Bikes


Finally, if you need to get somewhere quickly and you have some money to spend, Value Cabs or FonaCab are great options for taxis that you can use. I usually use these when going to the airport (however there are special Translink buses that can get you to the airports that are a bit cheaper). The above-mentioned cab companies are the ones that can be used through an app on your phone but there’s also local cabs that you can use.


My favourite way of getting around is walking because you can take in the beautiful sites while getting some fresh air. Whichever way you choose, remember to be safe!

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