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Laura Kinkead, PhD student at Queen's | 27 July, 2021

Laura Kinkead tells us what an average day in her life as a PhD student looks like.

Dylan talks about his Clearing experience | 22 July, 2021

Dylan is a second-year Biochemistry student at Queen's. He missed out on his first choice by a single grade last year. He tells us how Clearing opened new possibilities up for him.

Gabriella tells us about her Clearing journey | 20 July, 2021

Gabriella is a postgraduate student from London. She originally found Queen's through Clearing but enjoyed her time here so much that she decided to stay for a Master’s degree.

Lanyon banner July 2018
Aaron tells us what Clearing is really like | 15 July, 2021

Aaron Johnson is a 1st year Law student from Lancashire who found Queen's through Clearing last year. He tells us what he wishes he'd known about Clearing and how choosing Queen's has been his best decision ever.

Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law | 15 July, 2021

Yi Kang Choo tells us how Queen's has helped him grow and develop - from moving abroad to living in a pandemic, and even getting to grips with Belfast's 'interesting' local dialect.

A food and coffee tour of Belfast | 5 July, 2021

Hear from Erin Mussett, a third-year student of History and English. She tells us about her favourite places to eat or grab a coffee in Belfast.

Laura Kinkead, PhD student at Queen's | 1 July, 2021

Laura Kinkead speaks about the importance of a healthy work/life balance for PhD students and gives tips on how to make friends as a postgraduate.

Rebecca Russell, MEng Electrical Engineering | 25 June, 2021

Rebecca Russell tells us how she used career fairs and Queen's career services to get her career off to a flying start!

Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law | 22 June, 2021

Yi Kang Choo tells us how he used Queen's career services to give his career an early boost.

Tips for a quiet weekend at Queen's | 14 June, 2021

Hear from Erin Mussett, a third-year student of History and English. She tells us about how to best spend a quiet weekend and what she got up to when her friends were at home.

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My time at Queen's | 4 June, 2021

Hear from Erin Mussett, a third-year student of History and English. She tells us about her time at Queen's, her favourite places on campus and gives some great advice to incoming students.

Audience with graduate school Dublin
Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law | 7 June, 2021

Yi Kang Choo tells us what advice he'd give himself before starting his first year at Queen's University.

Emmet and friends on graduation day

Hear from Emmet Campbell, who completed the first two years of his FD Biological Sciences degree at Belfast Met, and then progressed directly into Year 2 of BSc Microbiology at Queen’s.

Botanic gardens daytime
Eithne O'Brien, MSc City Planning and Design | 12 May, 2021

Eithne tells us why she has loved her time living in Belfast.

Choo attending Pride March 2019 with my Colleagues
Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law | 5 May, 2021

Take a trip down memory lane with Choo as he shares some of his most memorable moments at Queen's.

Shonagh Forbes | 25 March, 2021

Shonagh Forbes BA Drama and English, from Northern Ireland explains why she chose Queen’s.

The Graduate School front entrance
Robbie Jamison, MSc International Business | 18 March, 2021

With a BA Honours degree from the University of Liverpool, Robbie Jamison decided Queen's was his best postgrad study option. Here's why.

Slieve Doan
Madelyn Nowak-Roddy, PhD Parasitology | 11 March, 2021

Meet American PhD student Madelyn Nowak-Roddy and read about her passion for hiking, photography and the 'Beans Challenge'. Intrigued? You should be!

Book shelf full of books
Ross McDonald, MA Creative Writing | 10 March, 2021

Considering an MA in Creative Writing at Queen's? Ross McDonald writes about his experiences of the course.

Lanyon 20.07.2018 from a distance
Ross McDonald, MA Creative Writing | 9 March, 2021

Find out how Creative Writing student Ross came to apply for Queen’s and move his entire life to Belfast with just 4 weeks’ notice.

Fiza Tareen
Fiza Tareen | 8 March, 2021

Final year Electrical Engineering and Electronics student Fiza Tareen, from Pakistan, talks about her journey at Queen's and the opportunities that allowed her to develop into the person she is today.

Hands holding a clock
Ross McDonald, MA Creative Writing | 2 March, 2021

Is every day starting to feel like Groundhog Day at this point? Queen's Creative Writing student Ross McDonald has some tips for sticking to a routine and managing your time during the pandemic.

Man doing yoga
Ross McDonald, MA Creative Writing | 28 February, 2021

Ever fancied getting in to yoga but you just weren't sure where to start? If you answered yes to that check out Creative Writing student Ross McDonald's blog on how he got into yoga.

Choo and Sijin sitting on a bench outside Botanic Gardens
Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law | 24 February, 2021

Malaysian Law Student Yi Kang Choo, provides a student's perspective as a Malaysian Student Society NI (MSSNI) member.

Rainbow coloured wall
LGBT+ History Month | 26 February, 2021

We asked PRISM, the University’s LGBTQ+ staff network, to share some of the most important films, shows and books of our time, to help you as an ally.

Peter Moor, BA English and Linguistics | 2 February, 2020

So, you've applied for your preferred Universities and now you're waiting for the offers to start flooding in. But it doesn't stop there, UCAS applications are just the start of your journey! Here's how to prepare for the next steps.

Covid banner saying we can stop the spread
COVID-19 | 15 January, 2021

Being a university student often means that we are away from home, and for international students like myself, you could feel like you need to face the pandemic/public health crisis all by yourself.

Abstract art
COVID-19 | 15 January, 2021

Isolation can be hard but it’s also when we have some of our best ideas. Here’s ten ways to spark your imagination.

Man walking past a painted rainbow
COVID-19 | 8 January, 2021

Why get a test? Short answer is - you might have coronavirus and you could be spreading it without your knowledge.

Undergraduate Award worth over £2500 | 8 December, 2020

Our exclusive Undergraduate Award is available for students commencing their undergraduate degree at Queen’s in September 2021.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Alice Poole, BSc Architecture | 10 December, 2020

Queen’s students talk about how the new learning environment and some of the challenges.

10 December, 2020

What would student life be like? No one knew what to expect. Here's how some of our students found it.

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Ross McDonald | 23 November, 2020 | 23 November, 2020

Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law | 21 October, 2020

What's student life currently like in Belfast ? Yi Kang Choo packed his mask and sanitiser to find out. Let's Go!

Not as scary as you might think | 12 November, 2020

Wondering what your time at Queen’s will be like as a postgraduate student during the Pandemic? Gabbie Dancer helps you find your feet.

They use euros over there, right? | 27 October, 2020

Moving to Queen's, family and friends gave Ross McDonald advice on what to do and what not to do in Belfast. Here's how they matched up with reality.

Do Your Bit For The Environment | 30 September, 2020

We can all do our bit for the environment, says Charlie Allen, so why not be a lean green climate change machine?

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Creating Jobs For Graduates | 15 September, 2020

ICYDK, Queen’s is the top university in the UK for KTPs having managed around 350 projects and with 420 graduates employed after taking part. Here’s your at-a-glance guide to the programme.

Time for a career change? | 24 September, 2020

Queen’s alumna Louise May explains how she made the big leap into the tech industry in her 30s.

Belfast Lough banner
Closer To Home Than You Think | 6 August, 2020

Did you know it’s the safest place in the UK?

Alice, Gabbie and Maisie | 2 October, 2020

Moving to a new city for uni can be daunting. Here, three Queen's students from other parts of the UK reveal their first impressions of their adopted city of Belfast.

Clare Rhine, MBA | 20 October, 2020

Just how much cheaper is uni life in Northern Ireland compared to the USA? MBA student Clare Rhine crunched the numbers.