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Kathryn on her placement in Derry
Kathryn Allen | 18 August, 2022

Starting uni? Fourth year medical student Kathryn Allen shares why she loves studying at Queen's, and what she wishes someone had told her when she started off.

Pizza and chips at the Parlour
Claire Ford | 17 August, 2022

After growing to love the cost of value meals and 30p noodles it can be hard to fork out on a restaurant meal or takeaway. Here’s Claire's guide to the best places to eat in Belfast when you’re on a student budget plus some helpful money saving tips.

Buns, biscuits and tray bakes at Jam and Ollys
Patrick Doherty | 16 August, 2022

Street food is a great way to try new types of food as a student. Belfast has a vibrant street food scene, and you can find some real hidden gems. Why not come along with me as I take a tour of Belfast’s best street food?

Supermarket aisle
Manasa Ramakrishna | 15 August, 2022

Heading to uni this year? Check out Manasa's top grocery shopping tips and learn how you can spend wisely and stick to your budget.

Georgia and friend on a big deck chair
Georgia Thornton-Smith | 12 August, 2022

Joining university can be quite a daunting experience especially if you don’t know anyone who’s doing your course. Georgia has some tips on how to find your squad.

Bus outside the uni
Manasa Ramakrishna | 11 August, 2022

Belfast is a beautiful city that has so many ways of being explored. All the ways are inexpensive and great for students. Get ready for life in Belfast with Manasa's guide.

phone playing music, headphones and highlighters
Kathryn Allen | 10 August, 2022

Kathryn recommends some home-grown talent to soundtrack your move to university life in Belfast.

Dried noodles
Claire Ford | 9 August, 2022

When you start university it's hard to know what to expect. Here's student blogger Claire Ford with her expectations and how they matched up with reality.

Tessa and her parents in Temple Bar
Tessa Rendina | 8 August, 2022

Looking for your next weekend adventure? Whether it's somewhere closer or a little further afield, Tessa's here to share some of the trips she's taken this year.

Lecture theatre filled with students
Patrick Doherty | 5 August, 2022

When you start studying at university, one of the big questions is how to get the most out of the content you're taught. In this blog, Patrick writes about how to get the most out of every lecture.

Patrick, Tessa and friend at Pride
Patrick Doherty | 4 August, 2022

This year saw the biggest ever turn out for the Belfast Pride parade. Hear from medical student Patrick about all the events he attended as part of the Pride festivities.

Darshana and pals at Gobbins Cliff Walk
Darshana Araventhan | 3 August, 2022

Feel like you need a little weekend adventure but on a tight budget? Here are a few cheap day trips you can do from Belfast without breaking the bank!

View from Cave Hill
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 2 August, 2022

Belfast has some great spots for walking, running, and cycling. These are a great way to take a break from your studies or escape Belfast’s city life. Below Tobias shares some of his favourite spots.

Darshana and friends at the Giant's Causeway
Darshana Araventhan | 1 August, 2022

Thinking about living in the Queen’s Accommodation and would like to know more about it? Here are some of the activities held by the Queen’s accommodation that might interest you!

Cooking with flatmates
Kishant Paramendaran | 29 July, 2022

Whether you want to get to know your flatmates or need some ideas for a rainy day in Halls, Kishant's here with his list of six fun things to do.

Coffee bar in Elms accommodation
Darshana Araventhan | 28 July, 2022

Moving out of your home and into a university dorm room or your own space is a big occasion in everyone's life. Darshana has some advice for international students to help prepare you for the big day.

Octopus Garden shopfront
Patrick Doherty | 27 July, 2022

Do you love to find unique pieces to style out your OOTD*? Join Patrick on a shopping trip around Belfast's best vintage and retro stores.

Collage of photos
Claire Ford | 26 July, 2022

Queen’s hosts a range of unusual and interesting societies which you can get involved in alongside your studies. Hear from Business Management student Claire on why you should join one (or two...!)

Nightlife in Belfast thumbnail
Claire Ford | 25 July, 2022

Wondering where the best spots are for a nightlife in Belfast? Business Management student Claire Ford takes you through her top recommendations for bars and clubs in Belfast.

Jesselyn in a supermarket
Jesselyn Angky | 22 July, 2022

From where to shop to how to get a job, Jesselyn is here to help you make the best of your budget.

Wall art telling you to do something for your career
Holly Nesbitt | 21 July, 2022

It can be difficult to navigate your studies and university life, without the added worry about internships and applying for graduate jobs. Law student Holly has some tips to put you a step ahead of the competition.

Big Ben
Zachary Pfannes | 20 July, 2022

Coming to Belfast opens up a world of opportunities for travelling around the UK and Ireland. Here are three examples of weekend adventures easily accessible while studying at Queen’s.

Sightseeing tour of Belfast thumbnail showing woman looking at a map
Darshana Araventhan | 19 July, 2022

See all the local sights and get a few top tips for great places to eat in Darshana's video tour of Belfast.

Lanyon building
Zachary Pfannes | 18 July, 2022

Moving to a new country or city for university can be challenging. American student Zach has four positive surprises about the city he discovered after coming to study at Queen’s.

Jamie-Lukas Campbell at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations
Jamie-Lukas Campbell | 15 July, 2022

International Public Policy student and class rep Jamie-Lukas Campbell was one of a group of Queen's students who attended the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in London.

Tobias and friends in the Boneyard
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 14 July, 2022

The large number of bars and clubs in Belfast means you’re never too far away from a pint or two. Tobias takes you from one end of the city to the other on one of the best Bar Crawl routes in Belfast.

Patrick in Dublin, Dublin Castle, large burger and a bar
Patrick Doherty | 13 July, 2022

Dublin is only a short train ride away from Belfast so it makes a great destination for a day trip. Join Medical Student Patrick for a sightseeing trip through Dublin.

YouTube thumbnail featuring Olivia Watson- why I chose Queens for Nursing
Olivia Watson | 12 July, 2022

Northern Irish student Olivia is here to tell you why she chose Queen's for her nursing degree.

Shot of Lanyon- looking directly up at it
Sumita Selvakumar | 11 July, 2022

Coming from a different country for university is a big transition but it doesn't have to be scary, Sumita is here with her top tips to help you adjust to life in Belfast and studying at Queen's.

video thumbnail featuring Rebecca with text Why I chose Queen’s for Pharmacy
Seohyun (Rebecca) Lee | 8 July, 2022

South Korean student Rebecca Lee talks about why she chose to come to Queen's to study Pharmacy.

Darshana at the Giant's Causeway
Darshana Araventhan | 7 July, 2022

Ever considered studying abroad but were worried about making friends, settling in, and being ready for such a big move? Check out Malaysian student Darshana's blog on her amazing experience at Queen's and turn all your fears into excitement!

Travel around Europe thumbnail skydivers
Tessa Rendina | 6 July, 2022

Belfast is a great base for European travel. Take a look at American student Tessa's trips so far!

Ashvi and her flatmates Elms BT1
Ashvi Prem | 5 July, 2022

Indian student vlogger Ashvi Prem takes you on a tour of her room and flat in Elms BT1 and shows what she gets up to with her flatmates.

Person in the airport with a wheelie suitcase looking at a board
Manasa Ramakrishna | 4 July, 2022

From phone plans to tips on saving on groceries, Canadian student Manasa has put together some useful tips for International students coming to Queen's.

LASI Volunteers in front of the palm house
Tessa Rendina | 1 July, 2022

Give back and gain skills when you volunteer with the Language and Solidarity Initiative (LASI). Learn about the initiative from American student blogger Tessa.

Street Art saying yeo
Manasa Ramakrishna | 30 June, 2022

Moving to a new country often comes with culture shock. Manasa has some tips about religion, recipes and celebrating cultural events in Belfast.

Tessa on a surf board
Tessa Rendina | 29 June, 2022

Join Tessa to learn more about Queen's Surf and their trips to the beach and the clubs! Whether you’re a novice or an expert surfer, the Queen’s Surf Club is open to all skill levels.

Happiness Olije
Happiness Ojile | 28 June, 2022

Are you an International student who would like to come to Queen's but worry about the challenges of moving a young family? Worry not! Happiness is here to tell you about all the services Queen's has to make your transition a smooth one.

Sara at Titantic- Free Things to do in Belfast thumbnail
Sara Katzer | 27 June, 2022

Funds running low? Don't despair! Architecture student Sara is here with some top tips on free things to do in Belfast and top landmarks to explore.

Happiness in the library
Happiness Ojile | 24 June, 2022

From choosing a course to accepting feedback, Nigerian student Happiness has some tips for International students on how to get the most out of your time at Queen's.

Laptop, book and pen
Patrick Doherty | 23 June, 2022

Personal statement stressing you out? Queen's medical student Patrick is here with a ton of great tips and advice to help you craft a personal statement that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Sumita in front of the Derry Girls mural
Sumita Selvakumar | 22 June, 2022

No car? No worries! Derry is easily reachable via train from Belfast.

stethoscope, tablets and pill box
Manasa Ramakrishna | 21 June, 2022

Considering studying medicine in the UK? Canadian Medical student Manasa has some top tips and advice on how to make the best application possible.

Lanyon with a rainbow behind it
Patrick Doherty | 20 June, 2022

Second-year medical student, Patrick (He/Him), shares his thoughts on the great news that the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences has become a signatory of the UK Medical Schools Charter on So-Called LGBTQ+ ‘Conversion Therapy’.

Plane at an airport
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 17 June, 2022

Thinking Belfast is 'too far away' for uni because you have to get on a plane or a ferry? See how you can save time and money with GB student Tobias' guide to getting here.

Darshana and friends at Paddys day parade
Darshana Araventhan | 16 June, 2022

Are you thinking about studying abroad but can't seem to make up your mind? Here are some reasons you should study abroad for either your whole degree or even just a semester!

Happiness Ojile
Happiness Ojile | 15 June, 2022

Are you an International Student who would love a 50% reduction in fees for a Russell Group university? Hear from Nigerian student Happiness Ojile on how she received a Vice-Chancellor's Attainment Scholarship and the difference it has made to her.

accommodation_elms village sign
Darshana Araventhan | 14 June, 2022

Go from flatmates to best mates with Darshana's top tips on how to get along in a shared house.

three girls with their back to the camera holding hands
Manasa Ramakrishna | 12 June, 2022

Do you want to make friends, further your career or just stay fit? Check out Manasa's guide to clubs, societies and sporting facilities at Queen's.

Common Market Belfast
Mollie Egan-Crossan | 10 June, 2022

Join Film and Theatre Making student Mollie for a trip around St. George's Market and Common Market in Belfast

Google maps view of Belfast
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 9 June, 2022

From student halls to rented properties, over the past three years at university, as a GB student, Tobias has experienced his fair share when it comes to student accommodation. Here are his top tips on student housing in Belfast.

Coffee bar in Elms accommodation
Sumita Selvakumar | 8 June, 2022

From taking advantage of all the trips organised for you, to meeting your new best mate at the Coffee Bar activities, Sumita's here with a guide to making the most of living in Queen's Accommodation.

Belfast City Hall Flower installation spelling Belfast
Manasa Ramakrishna | 7 June, 2022

Moving to a different country for university is a huge decision, hear from Canadian student Manasa on her experience of coming to Belfast and the warm welcome she received.

Elms BT9
Seohyun (Rebecca) Lee | 6 June, 2022

South Korean student Seohyun Lee takes you on a tour of Queen's Elms BT9 Accommodation including a look at the Treehouse social space, her shared kitchen and bedroom.

Darshana shopping thumbnail
Darshana Araventhan | 3 June, 2022

From rices to spices and everything in between, join Malaysian student Darshana on a trip around her favourite local and international grocery shops around Belfast.

City Deal
Sumita Selvakumar | 2 June, 2022

Moving to a new country will always throw up a few surprises. Read Malaysian student Sumita's biggest surprises she's experienced since moving to Belfast.

youtube thumbnail for a cheap day out
Seohyun Lee | 1 June, 2022

South Korean student Seohyun Lee takes you on a tour of a few spots right next to campus where you can enjoy a day out without breaking the bank!

guys at the QCS formal
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 31 May, 2022

Queen’s Computing Society, better known as QCS, is an academic society aimed at those studying a EEECS subject but everyone is welcome. Read more about the society and everything it has to offer.

Tobias and Claire
Claire Ford | 30 May, 2022

Queen’s offers students a range of career-enhancing opportunities outside their degree, one of which is the DegreePlus programme. Read Claire's experience and maybe you'll get involved too!

Titanic Belfast
Darshana Araventhan | 27 May, 2022

Funds running low? Take a look at Darshana's top tips for places to visit in the Titanic Quarter which won't break the bank!

Tessa and friend at formal
Tessa Rendina | 26 May, 2022

Joining a club is a great way to make new friends at uni. American blogger Tessa joined the Ladies Gaelic football team at Queen's and has been having a ball.

Georgia and friend on a big deck chair
Georgia Thornton-Smith | 25 May, 2022

Joining university can be quite a daunting experience especially if you don’t know anyone who’s doing your course. Georgia has some tips on how to find your squad.

Computer Science building
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 24 May, 2022

Interested in studying Computer Science at Queen's? Hear all about a day in the life of a student on the course from our GB blogger Tobias.

Woman walking through a bookshop
Sumita Selvakumar | 23 May, 2022

From vintage bargains to the latest best-selling books, Sumita has put together a list of charity shops in Belfast to keep your wardrobe updated, save you money and donate to good causes.

Darshana Areventhan
Darshana Araventhan | 20 May, 2022

Managing finances may often seem tricky for young adults who have just entered the University lifestyle, so here are a few tips from Malaysian student Darshana on how to make your life easier and save money.

Accommodation trip paintballing
Ciara Ashley | 19 May, 2022

Ciara Ashley from Liverpool is a first-year Anthropology student and here is her experience of living in Queen's Accommodation (Elms BT1).

Go vegan spray paint
Manasa Ramakrishna | 18 May, 2022

Worried that you won't be able to find delicious restaurants to cater to your vegan needs? Fear not, Manasa's got a huge list of great spots around Queen's and in Belfast.

Canadian Flag
Manasa Ramakrishna | 17 May, 2022

Calling all Canadians considering Queen's! From UCAS to BRPs and everything in between; Manasa's put together a guide filled with advice to help you get here.

Mental Health support written on an iPad
Ciara Ashley | 16 May, 2022

It's OK not to feel OK. If you need support with your mental health take a look at Anthropology student Ciara's blog on all the support available at Queen's and beyond.

Seoyhun Lee cartoon
Seohyun Lee | 13 May, 2022

South Korean student Seohyun Lee has created an illustrated day in her life as a Pharmacy student at Queen's. Take a look!

Street Art saying yeo
Claire Ford | 12 May, 2022

The student loan has run dry, and you’re sitting bored in your student accommodation whilst everyone else heads out...don't despair, Claire's here with her list of cheap things to do in Belfast!

Tobias Hunter-Tod
Tobias Hunter-Tod | 11 May, 2022

From making friends to getting around, here's what Tobias believes every GB student should know when moving to Northern Ireland.

Commercial Court Umbrellas at night
Allison Linzing | 10 May, 2022

There's never a dull night in Belfast. With so many places to choose from American blogger Allison has put together her top picks for the best craic every night of the week!

The Graduate School
Laura Kinkead, PhD student at Queen's | 9 May, 2022

Embarking on a postgraduate research degree is not an easy decision to make and choosing the right university for you can be a daunting prospect. Here's second year research student Laura on why she chose Queen's.

Video thumbnail showing a room in elmsbt1
Mollie Egan-Crossan | 6 May, 2022

Take a tour around Elms BT1 with Film and Theatre Making student Mollie.

Shot of Lanyon- looking directly up at it
Nikita Sharma | 5 May, 2022

Are you an International Student who would love a 50% reduction in fees for a Russell Group university? Hear from Indian student Nikita Sharma on how she received a Vice-Chancellor's Attainment Scholarship and what it means to her.

Laptop and tea
Allison Linzing | 4 May, 2022

Curious about studying Inclusion and Special Needs Education at Queen's? Hear all about a day in the life of a student on the course from our American blogger Allison.

three girls sit on grass at a concert
Claire Ford | 3 May, 2022

From Ed Sheeran to Tina Turner tributes, Business Management student Claire Ford has the top picks for your Belfast social calendar this May.

Trash bingo poster
Claire Ford | 3 May, 2022

Worried about not making friends at uni? Worry no more! From The Speakeasy to Student Halls, Claire Ford's listed her top 7 ways to make friends and socialise at Queen's.