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Students talking in One Elmwood building
Rosa Hasson | 27 November, 2023

Postgraduate study can be a challenging and demanding period in your academic career. Fear not - MSc Marketing student Rosa provides some top tips below to help manage stress and boost your mental health and wellbeing during PG study.

Student on laptop in One Elmwood building
Sarah Geraghty | 24 November, 2023

Looking to earn some money and build your CV while studying at Queen's? Undergraduate student Sarah recommends using QWork to find a wide range of roles on a part-time and casual basis.

Cafe in Elms BT1
Mehak Bindra | 22 November, 2023

Wondering where to choose for accommodation at Queen's? Medicine student Mehak explains why Elms BT1 was her ideal choice as an international student moving to Belfast.

Student walking past Lanyon South
Rosa Hasson | 20 November, 2023

At almost 200 years old, Queen’s has recently been ranked in the top 10 most beautiful historic universities in the UK (QS World University Rankings 2022). Find out what PG student Rosa loves most about the Queen's campus.

Students at Queen's LAN event
Mark McCourt | 17 November, 2023

Film Studies and Production student Mark tells us all about the Queen's Esport Society's first major hosting event - the QUBLAN, a major competitive gaming tournament.

Front of Lanyon Building
Kathryn Allen | 15 November, 2023

Final year Medicine student Kathryn spends a cosy Autumn day around the Queen's campus.

Belfast City Hall
Sreyashi Acharjee | 13 November, 2023

Wondering how to enjoy your spare time while studying in Belfast? Postgraduate Research student Sreyashi lists her favourite spots and activities in and around the city.

Graduate school tour vlog thumbnail
Keerthana Sundararaj | 10 November, 2023

Follow MSc Management student Keerthana on a tour of the Graduate School and its various facilities.

Student's medical elective in vietnam vlog thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 8 November, 2023

Eagerly anticipated by first to fourth year medicine students, the final year elective is one of the most exciting parts of medical school. Join Kathryn as she spends her elective in Vietnam.

Group of medicine students on elective in Vietnam
Kathryn Allen | 6 November, 2023

2023 saw international medical electives make a comeback for Queen’s medics. Having just returned from her own, final year student Kathryn shares how she and friends planned 4 weeks at a hospital in Vietnam.

Doctor taking blood pressure of a patient
Mehak Bindra | 3 November, 2023

Find out how you can sign up for the Queen's Health Centre and keep on top of your health and wellbeing during your time at university.

Student from Queen's Mountaineering club at El Chorro Trip sitting on cliff edge
Sean Webb | 1 November, 2023

The Queen’s Mountaineering Club (QUBMC) seeks to instil a sense of adventure and community in its members. We hike, climb, and socialise all over Ireland and beyond.

Two skeletons
Eleanor Lees | 31 October, 2023

Whether you’re into outdoor festive fun, terrible tales, or a good old-fashioned night out, there’s an activity for everyone this Hallowe’en in Belfast, all while supporting locally owned businesses.

Two medical students posing for a photo
Disha Suresh Kumar | 30 October, 2023

With Belfast only a two hour train journey from Dublin, Queen's is the ideal choice for students travelling from the Republic of Ireland. Check out why medicine student Disha believes she made the right decision to study at Queen's.

Students using computers in the Treehouse
Charlotte Jennings | 27 October, 2023

Are you studying a course that doesn't offer a compulsory placement? International Relations and Politics student Charlotte provides some top tips for securing your ideal placement and how to navigate the application process.

Riddell Hall and Queen's Business School
Rosa Hasson | 25 October, 2023

Embarking on a Master of Science in Marketing is a thrilling journey that combines rigorous academic pursuits with real-world practical applications. Rosa summarises what a typical week looks like for an MSc Marketing student.

Person making a heart with their hands in front of sunset
Radhika Gupta | 23 October, 2023

Practise self-love by taking yourself on a solo date in Belfast!

A student's guide to Belfast thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 20 October, 2023

Join Medicine student Kathryn as she takes us on a tour of her favourite student restaurants, cafes and outdoor areas in Belfast.

Students eating at the Parlour
Samantha Koitz | 18 October, 2023

Sami has enjoyed experiencing unique NI cuisine since her move to Belfast for postgraduate study. Check out her top picks below.

Students together for the Medic Toga Party at Queen's
Kathryn Allen | 16 October, 2023

There are plenty of medicine-specific clubs and societies at Queen’s, meaning you’ll never be short on things to do throughout your degree. Fourth year student Kathryn is here to give you the low down on what’s on offer.

Philip Rivers with his PhD
Philip Rivers | 13 October, 2023

Thinking of pursuing postgrad research? PhD student Philip gives some words of wisdom regarding the PhD application process at Queen's, including how to find the right supervisor for your research topic, and funding options available to students.

Performing arts students
Zoë Totten | 11 October, 2023

Belfast is a thriving cultural hub, offering performances and entertainment to suit any taste. French and Spanish student Zoë gives an overview of the most popular performing arts venues in the city.

The Wellbeing Room in the Main Site Tower
Hiya Grover | 9 October, 2023

Medicine student Hiya discusses practical insights, tips, and tricks to ensure that your first year is academically successful and a time of holistic growth, balance, and development.

Person budgeting money
Jadzia Armstrong | 6 October, 2023

Here is the low down of how much it costs to live in Belfast as a student and some tips for how to manage your money.

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Charlotte Jennings | 4 October, 2023

Looking to enhance your university experience with a once in a lifetime trip abroad? GB student Charlotte recently had a chance to visit Fiji with Think Pacific for a local community project.

Student sitting in a teaching room
Rosa Hasson | 2 October, 2023

Making the leap from undergraduate to postgraduate study can be a challenge. If you’re a prospective postgraduate student, here are some things to expect when beginning your new education journey...

The Lanyon Building, facade of Queen's University Belfast
Timothy Agbonkpolor | 29 September, 2023

Hi, I’m Timothy! I am a second-year medical student at Queen’s and have really enjoyed my first year here. Here are some of my experiences and useful tips for moving to Belfast and studying at Queen’s!

Medicine student elective in Vietnam
Kathryn Allen | 27 September, 2023

It’s freshers week, and everything is new. But before you know it, you’ll be sitting that last exam and plunging into your first uni summer! Final year student Kathryn is here to give you advice on how to make the most of everything in between.

Queen's teddy on shelf in accommodation
Radhika Gupta | 25 September, 2023

Check out these handy tips to making the most of your stay in student accommodation!

Student studying in the Quad
Sreyashi Acharjee | 22 September, 2023

Embarking on a postgraduate research degree can be a demanding and often overwhelming period for students. PhD student Sreyashi tells us how she deals with stress and anxiety during the doctoral process.

Students and Staff in the One Elmwood Students Union building
James McGeehan | 18 September, 2023

Welcome, new students! History and Politics undergraduate James explains how you can make the most of your orientation experience at Queen's below.

Students talking in the Quad
Radhika Gupta | 15 September, 2023

Worried about making friends at university? Don’t be! Here are five tips on how to make friends and meet new people at Queen’s University Belfast.

Students and Staff in the One Elmwood Students Union building
Charlotte Jennings | 13 September, 2023

Are you a brand new or returning student? Undergraduate student Charlotte explains the registration and induction process for the new academic year below.

Fannya why I chose Queen's vlog thumbnail
Fannya Ratana Sandjaja | 11 September, 2023

Find out why Computer Science student Fannya chose to make the move from Indonesia to Belfast to study at Queen's University!

David Keir Building
Jennifer Newell | 8 September, 2023

Urban community gardens and allotments provide many social and environmental benefits, but how safe is produce grown in urban soils? Postgraduate student Jennifer Newell describes her research into urban agroecology.

Nursing student with female baby in hospital style setting
Patrina Loughran | 6 September, 2023

Balancing your academic career with your personal life can be challenging, particularly when you're a parent and studying a full-time degree. Patrina discusses how she manages the pressures of being a student parent.

Group of students on a night out
Sarah Geraghty | 4 September, 2023

Starting university is undoubtedly a big transition for many. Ahead of your first term, Biomedical Science student Sarah shares some words of wisdom on the realities of student life and how you can make the most of your time at Queen's.

Bedding in student accommodation
Lauren McGinley | 1 September, 2023

Planning to pack for the big move to university but not sure where to start? ROI student Lauren McGinley provides the ultimate checklist of essential items for day-to-day student life.

Radhika Gupta, Medical Student
Radhika Gupta | 30 August, 2023

Navigating your first year of medical school doesn’t have to be hard! Here are 5 things Radhika learnt as a first-year medical student.

Students walking past the School of Music
Charlotte Lock | 28 August, 2023

Starting university can be very daunting when you’re used to school life and there are many, many differences between the two. Charlotte has made a list of key differences between university and school to help you prepare for the transition.

The Lanyon Building, facade of Queen's University Belfast
Rosa Hasson | 25 August, 2023

Everyone's university experience is unique, filled with exciting experiences and opportunities to make life-long friends and enhance your employability. Marketing student Rosa shares her most memorable moments from her time at Queen's.

Liam Coyle at QUB Dragon's Den
Liam Coyle | 23 August, 2023

If you’ve got the drive and innovation, Belfast is the place to make your entrepreneurial dreams happen - find out how Computer Science graduate Liam has benefitted from the support and advice offered by SU Enterprise.

Belfast City Hall
Radhika Gupta | 21 August, 2023

Moving to Belfast? Check out my favourite places to visit this year!

Pride 2023 thumbnail
Patrick Doherty | 18 August, 2023

Join Medicine student Patrick as he celebrates Belfast Pride 2023!

Small house on table with key
Russell Unsworth | 16 August, 2023

Although most first year students move out of their home and into accommodation when going to university, it’s not until their second year that they move into their own house. Finding and securing a house can be a stressful but rewarding experience.

The Lanyon Building, facade of Queen's University Belfast
Kathryn Allen | 14 August, 2023

Current student Kathryn shares her advice to get the most out of an open day at Queen’s.

Person holding mobile phone
Staff writer | 11 August, 2023

When calling a university during the Clearing process, you can expect to be asked a variety of questions to assess your suitability for the available course. Here are some common questions you may encounter.

Students walking through Queen's campus
Staff writer | 9 August, 2023

There are many reasons to go through Clearing. Perhaps you’ve chosen to decline your offers, or you missed out on your grades. No matter, Clearing has many options for you. Read our top tips for mastering the Clearing process below.

Front of the Graduate School
Holly Anna Lennon | 7 August, 2023

MA English Literary Studies student Holly discusses her Clearing process and how her decisions led to a rewarding academic experience at Queen's.

Russell Unsworth at Portrush beach
Russell Unsworth | 4 August, 2023

Only a short journey away from Belfast is a strip of coastline along the north of the country called the Causeway Coast. Computer Science student Russell recently checked out the sandy beaches, bustling seaside towns and historic landmarks.

Group of students walking from the pharmacy building past the Medical Building
Patrick Doherty | 2 August, 2023

Summer studentships are offered to medical students at Queen's to develop research skills and enhance employability prospects. Patrick Doherty tells us about his current project which aims to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in GP training.

Joe outside The Graduate School
Postgraduate Study | 2 August, 2023

At Queen’s, we believe that postgraduate study can help anyone achieve great things, whatever stage of their career or research journey.

Radhika Gupta in front of the Lanyon
Radhika Gupta | 31 July, 2023

Transitioning into university life can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are five things you shouldn’t worry about before coming to university.

QUB Esports society
Mark McCourt | 28 July, 2023

Esports in Northern Ireland has been expanding steadily, and the Queen's team is proving to be a dominant force within the community. Mark McCourt tells us more about the growth in interest and what the future holds for Esports in NI.

Student feeling anxious
Charlotte Lock | 26 July, 2023

Worried about results day? Charlotte has some helpful tips and tricks to battle anxiety in the lead up to receiving your grades.

Patrick Doherty and friend at Belsonic
Patrick Doherty | 24 July, 2023

One of the biggest events every year in Belfast is the Belsonic Festival, where A-List artists come to perform to huge audiences. Medicine student Patrick was lucky enough to see Lizzo and Florence and the Machine this year - read more below!

Common seating space in the Graduate School
21 July, 2023

Finding a balance between studying and relaxing can be difficult, but looking after your wellbeing throughout the academic year is vital. PhD student Philip provides top tips for maintaining a healthy student life during postgraduate studies.

Narnia Mr and Mrs Beaver
Samantha Koitz | 19 July, 2023

Take a trip to C.S. Lewis Square in east Belfast with Sami and enter the magical world of Narnia!

Van Gogh experience Belfast
Ciara Ashley | 17 July, 2023

Instagram is a popular platform for bloggers to document beauty spots, scenic trips and plates of food that look like works of art. Anthropology student Ciara Ashley highlights what makes Belfast an instagram-worthy spot.

View of Derry City through walled window
Samantha Koitz | 14 July, 2023

Located only two hours from Belfast, Derry is well-known for its unique history and iconic murals. Join Conflict Transformation & Social Justice student Sami on a recent trip to the city.

Front of Belfast City Hall
Lauren McGinley | 12 July, 2023

Making the move from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland can be a big transition and involves a few key considerations. Astrophysics student Lauren McGinley provides some useful tips to help you get settled into life in Belfast.

Row of rubber ducks
Tim Chan | 10 July, 2023

A weird and wonderful society has recently landed at Queen's, celebrating all things rubber ducks - Computer Science undergraduate Tim Chan tells us more about the society and how you can get involved.

Map of Ireland
Samantha Koitz | 7 July, 2023

Moving to Belfast gives international students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique and vibrant culture. American PG student Sami looks back on what she has experienced during her time in Northern Ireland.

Derry Girls mural
Kathryn Allen | 5 July, 2023

Exams finished or got a spare Saturday? Get your ticket, hop on a train and explore a new part of Northern Ireland and beyond with Kathryn’s recommendations!

Queen's Lanyon Building
Mehak Bindra | 3 July, 2023

Belfast is a bustling hub of social activity and natural beauty spots, making it a dynamic subject for both photography fans and social media influencers. Second year Medicine student Mehak Bindra highlights the city's most visually appealing areas.

Students at toga party
Kathryn Allen | 30 June, 2023

Moving from school to university is an exciting step into a new stage, filled with life lessons, changes and new experiences galore! Looking back on her time at uni, here are 6 things Kathryn feels you might just learn along the way.

Spices in a market
Hiya Grover | 28 June, 2023

Local international food stores offer a wide variety of cuisines for students to enjoy the comforts of their home dishes, as well as explore new tastes and recipes. Hiya Grover explores the range of international grocery stores in Belfast.

Pride balloons at Elmwood Hall
Eliza Walton | 26 June, 2023

In recognition of Pride month, Broadcast Production student Eliza is here to tell you all about the welcoming LGBTQ+ community you'll find at Queen's!

Student on Cavehill Walking Trail
Kathryn Allen | 23 June, 2023

Fourth year student Kathryn shares her favourite parts of the campus and the city to take in the scenic views of Belfast and beyond.

Kylemore Abbey
Samantha Koitz | 21 June, 2023

Belfast's proximity to popular Irish cities allows students to plan day trips and weekends away, jam-packed with plenty of scenic hot spots and historical points of interest. Postgraduate student Sami Koitz details a recent trip to Galway and Dublin.

Student and friend posing together in a bar
Sarah Geraghty | 19 June, 2023

Moving away from home can undoubtedly be a big transition for many students. Biomedical Science student Sarah Geraghty provides some top tips to help you get settled in and battle the pangs of homesickness.

Students partying at Elms BT9 Accommodation
Sarah Geraghty | 16 June, 2023

Living in university accommodation can be a big leap from the comforts of home, but it is the perfect way to meet fellow students and make lifelong friends. Sarah Geraghty explains the benefits of living in Elms BT9 during your first year at Queen's.

Group of 3 students at the Queen's Union Bar
Molly Elspas | 14 June, 2023

Moving abroad for university can often be a daunting time for students. Public History student Molly Elspas provides a few words of wisdom for those who are making the big move from the US to Belfast.

Medicine student on surgery placement
Patrick Doherty | 12 June, 2023

What does a placement in surgery entail for medical students? Patrick Seán Doherty details a week in the life of a Year 3 student at Queen's.

Group of young people in formal attire
Kathryn Allen | 9 June, 2023

Making sure your spiritual side is taken care of can be a big deal when choosing a university. Fourth year student Kathryn shares how she found a church for her in Belfast, and what you can expect to as a Christian student at Queen’s.

Laser lights at a festival
Kathryn Allen | 7 June, 2023

With summer right around the corner, concerts are a great way to hang out with friends and enjoy some of the world-class talent coming to Belfast, rain or shine!

Dumplings and bao buns at the Dumpling Library
Mehak Bindra | 5 June, 2023

The amount of restaurants to choose from in Belfast can be extensive and overwhelming, so Mehak has put together her top 6 recommendations to cover everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner to drinks!

Revision weekend with Kathryn video thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 2 June, 2023

It's that time again! Join Medical Student Kathryn as she takes you through a weekend of revision for her medicine exams, see all the best study spots on campus and get some tips for coping with the busyness of it all.

UK bank notes
Rosa Hasson | 31 May, 2023

It’s a tough time for everyone, but postgrad Rosa has listed some small changes you can make to everyday life to make the cost-of-living crisis that little bit easier.

Patrick's Vinted storefront
Patrick Doherty | 29 May, 2023

Paddy has noticed the pinch of being a student at a time when the cost of living is going up and up. Here's how he is turning his unwanted clothes into a nice little earner!

Shot of Lanyon- looking directly up at it
Niamh Baker | 26 May, 2023

Are you starting to think about your uni application? Worried about which uni is right for you when there are over 160 universities available in the UK alone? Well, you are not alone and Niamh is here with some advice to help.

the word Belfast as street art
Rosa Hasson | 24 May, 2023

Belfast is a city of bustling streets, a vibrant atmosphere, ever changing weather and endless places to explore. Hear some ideas to get you out and about from Marketing postgrad Rosa.

Sarah with her mum and dad
Sarah Geraghty | 22 May, 2023

Sarah had her heart set on staying close to home and studying Medicine in Galway but life had other plans. Hear for her about her very honest experience and how she knows now that Queen's was the right choice.

Belfast City Hall Flower installation spelling Belfast
Ciara Ashley | 19 May, 2023

Ciara's put together a list of ideas on what to do in and around Belfast now that it’s warming up! There's something for every budget!

Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast
Jadzia Armstrong | 17 May, 2023

Coming from England many people asked me why I was going to Queen’s, especially as it seemed so far away. Here are the main 7 reasons why I chose Queen’s University!

Philip at Mussenden Temple
15 May, 2023

The pressures of modern life coupled with dealing with grief AND trying to complete a PhD can be a struggle. PhD Student Philip has some tips on how he copes with it all.

Ten Foundations shop
Reham Lasheen | 12 May, 2023

Growing up, I witnessed my parents volunteering their time, efforts, expertise, and money to give back to the society and help others. So naturally, volunteering was innately nurtured in me. Find out about Ten Foundations from Reham.

Come with me to the King's Coronation - Claire Thompson thumbnail in London
Claire Thompson | 11 May, 2023

I'm a Learning Disabilities Nurse at Queen's and my online videos encouraging everyone to learn Makaton got me an invite to the King's Coronation. Take a look at the highlights in my vlog!

Coloured flowers with different languages
Zoë Totten | 10 May, 2023

University is the perfect time to to explore learning or improving a foreign language. French and Spanish student Zoe has listed all the great resources at Queen's to help you brush up on your skills whether you're studying a language or not!

wellbeing walk thumbnail
Wai Siew Ng (Tarra) | 8 May, 2023

Queen's Accommodation organises lots of trips and activities to help you make friends while exploring Belfast. Join Tarra on a wellbeing walk through Botanic Gardens.

Day in the life of a management student thumbnail
Keerthana Sundararaj | 5 May, 2023

Thinking of studying Management at Queen's? Check out Keerthana's great video!

Person skiing
Charlotte Jennings | 3 May, 2023

Why spend your summer holidays working as a waiter, bar tender or shop assistants when you could do something really amazing like spending the summer working abroad?

3 people and a laptop
Rosa Hasson | 1 May, 2023

Are you interested in doing an internship or going on placement but you've a few questions? Rosa's here to answer your questions!

Charlotte and her family
Charlotte Lock | 28 April, 2023

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of moving into student accommodation rather than making the commute to Queen’s everyday then this blog post is for you. Read Charlotte's seven perks!

neon sign that says good vibes only
Manasa Ramakrishna | 24 April, 2023

University can become very stressful sometimes and it can be hard to find time for yourself or your health. Check out Manasa's blog should you need any tips.

Stethoscope in a heart shape
Hiya Grover | 26 April, 2023

Starting Medical School, be that straight from high school or a previous degree, can be a huge change, and it’s sometimes hard to know what to expect. Blogger Hiya is here to give you an idea of a typical week for her.

Neon sign saying and breathe
Manasa Ramakrishna | 19 April, 2023

Manasa has 10 suggestions on how to look after yourself without breaking the bank.

Plane at an airport
Russell Unsworth | 17 April, 2023

Are you a GB student who is considering Queen's but concerned about travel costs and inconvenience? Worry no more as Russell talks you through how quick, cheap and EASY it is to get to Belfast.

Silent valley resevoir
Charlotte Lock | 14 April, 2023

Newcastle is a fabulous spot to spend the weekend, clearing your head or blowing off some steam after a hectic semester. Check out Charlotte's blog about things to do in Newcastle!

Lanyon with people walking past
Zonglin Yuan | 12 April, 2023

As a prestigious university in the UK, Queen’s University is a sensible choice, so many wonderful things are ahead. Check out Chinese student Zonglin Yuan's guide to Queen’s.

Student in scrubs with her thumb up
Kathryn Allen | 10 April, 2023

Ever wondered what it's like on a medicine placement? Join Medical Student Kathryn as she takes you through a typical week on placement.

Charlotte at Buckingham Palace
Charlotte Lock | 7 April, 2023

Want to make more of your weekend's? Geography student Charlotte took a day trip to London for under £100, check out her blog for tips!

Sami and her friend
Samantha Koitz | 5 April, 2023

Do you want to maximise your study abroad experience by using Belfast as your base for European travel? Check out Sami's travel blog for some tips!

Three students showing their outfits
Nathan Bell | 3 April, 2023

Would you rather fit in or stand out? Law student Nathan has been out and about the campus looking for the coolest and most sustainable style.

Waving America flag
James McGeehan | 31 March, 2023

"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and was honestly the best experience in my life" - Hear from James about his Study Abroad experience in the USA!

Two drinks at Ten Square
Holly Anna Lennon | 29 March, 2023

It doesn’t take much to reel me into a bar on the weekend, a decent drink promo usually does the trick. But on weekdays, I am more particular about where I spend my nights. Here are my top five!

suitcase boots and jacket
Charlotte Jennings | 28 March, 2023

As soon as your studies are over for the summer, there are still vast opportunities to improve your CV, learn new skills and earn some money through the different programs run by Queen's. Check out Charlotte's blog for tips.

Two students in front of Victoria Square
Yi Teng | 27 March, 2023

Although there are many lovely spots in Belfast, there are a few places that have a particular place in my heart.

what I eat in a week at uni - youtube thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 24 March, 2023

Medical Student Kathryn takes you on her weekly shop and shares some tips on how you can created delicious meals on a student budget.

Lu in Botanic Gardens
Veronica Soosai | 22 March, 2023

Veronica has some top tips and advice on how to avoid mid-semester burnout.

Malaysian ramen noodles
Yi Teng | 20 March, 2023

Missing Malaysian dishes? Can't get traditional spices and sauces at Tesco? Fear not, food aficionados! There are some great Asian grocery stores and supermarkets in Belfast that will be able to satisfy your craving for Malaysian cuisine.

The Big Fish, art work, Belfast
Molly Elspas | 17 March, 2023

As an international student, I had some worries about where I could spend my days off from school, but as I have found, there are a million things to do in Belfast on the weekends. Here's a typical Saturday for me...

Kathryn in the SWOT fashion show video thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 16 March, 2023

Back again and better than ever, Kathryn shares her experience of being part of the SWOT fashion show- an amazing event that supports the work of hospitals around the world.

Suzanne and friends on Paddy's day
Kathryn, Suzanne, Shing and | 15 March, 2023

Happening house party or a night on the town? Whether you've been here forever or it's your first time celebrating St.Paddy's, our students share their celebrations and some useful tips on how you can make the most of the holiday!

Epaulets and fob watch
Patrina Loughran | Megan Meek | 14 March, 2023

So you're going on your first nursing placement...Second year nursing students Patrina and Megan have put together a super useful list of everything you need to remember!

Megan, Patrina and the epad
Megan Meek | Patrina Loughran | 14 March, 2023

Placement truly is where you learn your nursing craft, but it can be terrifying if you don’t know what to expect. Make sure you're prepared with Nursing students Megan and Patrina's amazing guide to placements!

Sijin sitting on a bench that says Whats the craic
Samantha Koitz | 13 March, 2023

Northern Ireland has some unique slang and vocab that I’ve learned over the past few months. I’ve put together a wee list of 10 words that I believe are essential to learn before flying over the pond for university.

Jane Lai, Medical Student, at Royal Victoria Hospital
Jane Lai | 10 March, 2023

Everything you ever wanted to know about studying Medicine at Queen's, answered by Fourth Year Medical Student Jane Lai.

Lanyon Building
Reham Lasheen | 8 March, 2023

Public Health student Reham did a lot of research before choosing a university for her masters, here's what helped her make Queen's her final choice .

Brownie and ice cream from Maggie Mays
Charlotte Jennings | 6 March, 2023

Really hungry but not much time between classes? Charlotte's here with her guide to the best places to grab some food around campus. Warning...contains seriously delicious eats.

Day in the life of a computer science student - youtube thumbnail
Fannya Ratana Sandjaja | 3 March, 2023

Ever wondered what it's like to be a Computer Science Student at Queen's? Indonesian student Fannya's created this video just for you!

Commercial Court Umbrellas at night
Samantha Koitz | 1 March, 2023

American student Sami took a sightseeing tour around Belfast, here are some of her favorite sights and some interesting facts she discovered...

thumbnail of the PFC day in the life of a politics student
Charlotte Jennings | 27 February, 2023

Considering Politics at Queen's? Join Charlotte on her busiest day on campus as she takes you to all her lectures, trampolining and to the gym!

poster advertising SWOT
Kathryn Allen | 24 February, 2023

The annual charity fashion show put on by fourth year medics is a rite of passage for students at Queen’s. Kathryn shares why she’s loved taking part and how Queen's medics support the work of hospitals around the world.

Lu in the careers building on her phone
Mehak Bindra | 23 February, 2023

Our phones make life so much easier if it’s to talk to someone, share what you’ve been doing recently or trying to do some research. Use that to your advantage by downloading these 6 apps that Mehak highly recommends to make your life simpler!

Suzanne and her friends on a night out
Suzanne Mooney | 22 February, 2023

It’s the time of year to begin applying to Summer Internships. Accounting student Suzanne has some top tips on how to apply, prepare and get the spot!

Kathryn and her friend in face masks
Kathryn Allen | 21 February, 2023

Looking for a fun way to fill the cold, dark evenings? Medical student Kathryn shares her top tips on how to enjoy time with your friends without breaking the bank.

Panel discussion in the union
Camila Montero | 20 February, 2023

Vintage, pre-loved, thrift, second-hand, call it whatever you want but make you buy it! Check out Camila's blog on how we can all make a big difference with small changes.

Lots of musical instruments hanging on a wall
Hannah Wasson | 16 February, 2023

From choirs, orchestras, musical theatre, trad sessions and more, at Queen's you'll find that there's something for everyone with a musical bone in their body!

Screen of apps
Hiya Grover | 15 February, 2023

Finding your footing in the first year isn’t always easy, so Hiya has put together a list of a few apps that could help organise your time and notes.

Heart made of sparklers
Beth Molloy | 14 February, 2023

Whether you plan on celebrating February 14 with your friends or significant other, there's plenty of things to see and do in Belfast to get you in the mood for love.

Inside the Catholic Chaplaincy
Ciara Cunningham | 13 February, 2023

You don't need to leave your faith behind when you start at Queen's. Join Ciara for a tour around the Catholic Chaplaincy and find out about all the groups and events that you can be a part of.

Keziah and friends
Keziah Saragih | 10 February, 2023

Interested in studying Actuarial Science and Risk Management at Queen’s? First year Indonesian blogger Keziah shares a glimpse of her day-to-day life as an Actuarial Science student!

Accessible Room in Elms BT9
James Stockdale | 9 February, 2023

Would you like to live in uni halls but you're concerned about accessibility? Law Student James has had his room adapted to suit his needs and loved his time in Elms BT9, here's his experience...

Students in QFT Foyer
Eliza Walton | 8 February, 2023

In recognition of LGBT+ History month this February, Broadcast Production student Eliza has shared 10 excellent LGBTQ films that you need to check out!

Titanic Belfast
Kathryn Allen | 6 February, 2023

Medical student Kathryn has been born and bred in N.I. If you’re considering making Belfast your home for university, here are some essential things she thinks you should know before you get here.

Belfast City Hall Flower installation spelling Belfast
Kate Moodey | 7 February, 2023

Welcome to Belfast! If you are an International Student and unsure of what you should do your first two weeks upon arrival…you’ve come to the right place! Check out Kate's Survival Guide...

The Graduate School
Molly Elspas | 3 February, 2023

Join American Student Molly Elspas as she takes us through a day in her life as a Public History Masters student at Queen's

Lanyon in the evening
Veronica Soosai | 2 February, 2023

Interested in coming to study Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at a Russell Group University in the UK? Check out Veronica's blog about a day in her life!

Holocaust memorial day literature
Samantha Koitz | 30 January, 2023

Holocaust Memorial events are a great opportunity to be part of the community commemoration, learning from genocide to create a better future. Hear what American Student Sami learned from the events in Belfast.

Wheelchair user
Alastair Bull | 28 January, 2023

Would you like to live in University Accommodation but you're concerned about accessibility? Wheelchair user Alastair has been really enjoying his time at Elms BT1, here's what he has to say about it...

Lots of people in a work situation sitting round a bit table
Nathan Bell | 27 January, 2023

When it comes to employability, employers want to see something beyond a degree classification. Hear how Law student Nathan is improving his employability while he studies.

Dublin and Belfast
Beth Molloy | 25 January, 2023

Cost of living, travel times and the need to break free after the lockdowns helped Beth decide to come to Belfast. Read her story here...

Mug with coffee that has get it done slogan
Hannah Wasson | 20 January, 2023

Belfast has so many great local coffee shops making it easy to support small! Here Hannah has compiled a list of a few of her favourites.

Person choosing between a red door and a blue door
ADVICE | 18 January, 2023

Are you trying to decide which subject to apply for? We asked the experts (current students) to give you the tips which helped them decide. After all, they’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Literally.

Sterling coins
Beth Molloy | 20 January, 2023

Are you feeling the squeeze this January? Beth has some top tips on how to get through January without breaking the bank!

Notice Board in Elms BT2
Yi Teng | 18 January, 2023

The time I have spent living in Queen's Accommodation BT2 has been fantastic. This blog offers a sneak peek of life in Elms BT2 accommodation.

off-campus accommodation thumbnail
Fannya Ratana Sandjaja | 16 January, 2023

Indonesian student Fannya's here with a great guide on how to find off-campus accommodation if you're an international student.

blue question mark on a pink background
Staff Writer | 13 January, 2023

Deciding where to go to university is HARD. There are a lot of factors to consider. So, we have boiled it down to 5 of the best questions to ask yourself, to help you make the right decision for you.

Camila and her friends at the Giant's Causeway
Camila Montero | 13 January, 2023

If you're living in Queen's accommodation make sure to take advantage of all the trips. They're a great way to make new friends and see more of Northern Ireland. Join Camila for a trip to the Giant's Causeway, the Dark Hedges and the North Coast.

neon rainbow with the words love is love behind it
Erin Boyle | 12 January, 2023

It can be a really big step to come out but you'll get lots of support from Queen's Pride Society. Every coming out story is unique, here's Erin's...

Best coffee shops in belfast thumbnail
Kathryn Allen | 11 January, 2023

Whether you're an espresso or salted caramel iced latte type person, there's a coffee shop in Belfast for you! Check out Kathryn's fave spots in this video.

Disha and her medical student pals in scrubs
Disha Suresh Kumar | 4 January, 2023

Worried that studying medicine equals constant study and no social life? Not at Queen's! Check out Disha's blog on her expectations of being a medicine student at Queen's versus the reality.