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Reasons Why I Love the Students' Union

PG student Malavika tells us what she loves most about the Queen's Students' Union.

Front of One Elmwood

Want to socialise? Attend events? Have food and recharge? Need a study space? Some weekly essentials? Need professional help or general info? Or just a friendly face to talk to?

Then the Queen’s Students’ Union is the stop for you. Here are some of the reasons why I love the SU.

Situated opposite the magnificent Lanyon building, the alluring Students’ Union hub is a one-stop bustling destination, pulsing with vibrant student life.

One Elmwood

The Ground Floor

Accessibility difficulty is out of the question. When you walk in, the lively talk and aroma of freshly made coffee and breakfast from the Social Café fills the air, giving you a sensation of warmth.

The Ground floor foyer serves as a welcoming space where students come together to enjoy shared meals, laughter, exchange the latest anecdotes, and, of course, engage in discussions or work on their academic projects. Always be on the lookout for pop up events of prospective companies (and keep an eye out for the freebies too!)

Social cafe in One Elmwood

Alongside the varied selections available, the Pantry services emphasise sustainability and promote healthier choices. The inclusion of essential provisions and toiletries aligns with the overall well-being of every student.

Retail stores (SPAR, Positive Vintage) not only provide a convenient shopping location, but they also add to the Student Unions’ vibrancy.

Queen's students' union shop

The spacious Mandela Hall accommodates both academic and entertainment-related activities.

The Social Staircase offers the provision of colourful comfy seating and a classy look on a whole.

The First Floor

The expansive lounge areas and designated study nooks on each floor beckon students seeking a tranquil environment for concentrated study or discussions. The ambiance consistently radiates a palpable aura of productivity.

Carefully designed seating arrangements provide a variety of choices, ranging from individual workstations with convenient power outlets for laptops to more extensive communal spaces fostering socialising and spontaneous conversations.

One Elmwood seating area

The CUBE, Meeting Rooms, and SU-themed spaces like the Blue Sky Room, Sunset Room, Light Room, Drawing Room and Anne Maguire serve as central hubs for career development programmes and various engaging activities.

Unwind in the SU Bar

Whether you're in search of a mid-week haven to unwind, a venue to raise a celebratory toast after exams, or a casual spot for a bite, the Union bar is the place to be. It encapsulates the essence of university life, cultivating the formation of friendships, the exchange of ideas, and the crafting of lasting memories—all amid the backdrop of clinking glasses, enthusiastic cheers, and the vibrant symphony of laughter and music.

One Elmwood bar

The Student Lounge and terrace function as a multifunctional space tailored to meet various requirements, surpassing its role as a mere relaxation area between lectures. Flooded with abundant natural light streaming through expansive windows, the space creates an energetic ambiance suitable for activities such as leisure reading, collaborative group projects, or moments of simple respite. The inclusion of printers and an open kitchen undeniably enhances the overall appeal, offering valuable additional amenities for all.

Support Services

The Students’ Union is dedicated to fostering holistic development through tailored assistance, organising workshops, seminars, and networking events to refine crucial skills, from resume crafting to interview mastery. This ensures students graduate not only with academic credentials but also a versatile toolkit for success in their chosen domains.

Students and Staff in the One Elmwood Students Union building

The university supports this with accessible resources like advice counsellors, sexual health professionals, and mental health assistance, creating a safe environment for students. Initiatives such as stress management workshops and confidential counselling services contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, emphasising the university's commitment to nurturing individuals academically and equipping them with resilience and skills for success in their personal and professional life.

Clubs and Societies

Inside the realm of Clubs and Societies, a wide range of opportunities awaits, designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of interests. Whether one's inclination lies in academic pursuits, cultural celebrations, community service initiatives, or recreational pastimes, they offer an inclusive space for every student to explore and actively participate.

Furthermore, the Students' Union acts as a platform for budding leaders, empowering students to take on leadership roles and responsibilities within different clubs and groups. This not only fosters personal growth but also enriches the overall dynamism and vitality of the university community.

Signs in One Elmwood

Overall, the reason why I love the Students’ Union is that it is full of dynamic energy of varied interests, collective experiences, and limitless possibilities. Whether nurturing academic involvement, championing cultural diversity, spearheading community service, or encouraging recreational pursuits, the Students’ Union serves as the focal point where students grow, connect, and make contributions that extend far beyond the confines of the classroom.

Make sure to swing by the Students’ Union, for there is always something to do or someone to talk to!

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Malavika Mahendranath

MSc Human Resource Management | Postgraduate student | India

Hi! Em here and greetings from the realms of caffeine fuelled study nights and research. I'm on a quest for achieving my Masters in Human Resource Management. When I'm not lost in the labyrinth of books and research papers, you can find me penning down my artworks and editing content.

My superpower is that I am a master of multitasking and an expert in the art of procrastination fuelled productivity (Just kidding XD).

Student in front of Lanyon