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My Firm Choice: Why Queen's GB Scholarship Made All The Difference

Undergraduate Architect student, Alice Poole from the Cotswolds explains the unexpected ways Queen’s GB scholarship package benefitted her.

There is something very special about Queen’s GB scholarship. For starters, it applies to all GB students who put Queen’s University as their first choice (NB: exclusions apply for Medicine and Dentistry). I don’t know of many other unis that offer this kind of thing. Especially just if you achieve your offer. Normally other unis will reward you just for getting three A*s or whatever, but here, it’s about reaching your offer, getting your place at Queen’s and then being rewarded for that, which is really lovely compared to other unis. I was really stuck between Queen’s and Cardiff and I chose Queen’s mainly because of the scholarship. Here are all the reasons why I’m glad I did.

1. I save on my fees 

The scholarship comes in three different bands. I am on band 2. Every year, I get £1,000 off my fees for every year of study that I’m here. With the student loan, I’m not actually paying to be here, so having more money off that at this point in my life, doesn’t make much of a difference. I’ll definitely feel it when I’m older but now I’m enjoying the lifestyle benefits that also come with the GB scholarship.

2. I fly home for free 

I get perks such as free gym membership, free flights home, money for shipping. I get tickets to the Queen’s Film Theatre and money off my accommodation for my first year of university.

3. I get cinema discounts 

I get sent discounts and free tickets to the Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT). The Queen’s Film Theatre email me each month and tell me what is going on so I can book my tickets and get money off or use my vouchers.

4. Mum can send me vitamins for free 

Queen’s also gives me money off shipping, so sending things over from home is free, which my mum uses to send me vitamins, basically!

5. I get free gym membership 

With the gym membership, you do get free membership with the scholarship, but you also get that with being in student accommodation. That perk will be more useful next year, as you get free off-peak gym membership to the university gym.

6. My parents are happy 

My parents were very grateful for the scholarship. Especially because they pay my rent. They were like, “Yes, this is brilliant, we don’t need to pay nearly as much.” My dad loves that I can get flights home really easily. He wishes he could also have the uni pay for him to come out here because he really likes coming out here all the time. It’s really good.

7. It’s helped me settle in 

The lifestyle benefits are really useful during the first year. I thought it would just give me those extra things that would be really nice, especially with the cinema tickets and the gym membership. Those activities would be really nice in the first year. Being able to fly home and have that money coming in and also money off shipping. Being able to physically see that benefit and all the perks that go with it.

8. I got an accommodation upgrade 

I get a free upgrade in Queen’s Accommodation. I pay the price of a shared bathroom but I get an en suite which is really nice.

VIDEO: Watch Alice talking about her scholarship benefits:


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