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Students from Great Britain

Why our Undergraduate Award is a great reason to choose Queen’s

Our exclusive Undergraduate Award is available for students commencing their undergraduate degree at Queen’s in September 2021.

The Undergraduate Award is available to students from England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands who achieve ABB or above in their A-levels or equivalent qualification(s) acceptable to the University. 

Find out what our students had to say

For students starting at Queen’s in September 2021, our Undergraduate Award is a great way to cut your costs. Three Queen’s students look back on how an Undergraduate scholarship really made a difference for them.

Save on fees and make your parents happy

“There is something very special about a Queen’s Scholarship,” said Alice Poole, an architecture student at Queen’s. “Getting your place at Queen’s and then being rewarded? I don’t know of many other unis that offer this kind of thing".

Alice Poole, Architecture student

One of the best perks was the peace of mind her parents felt:

“My parents were very grateful for the scholarship. Especially because they pay my rent. They were like, “Yes, this is brilliant, we don’t need to pay nearly as much.”

Makes moving to Belfast so much easier

“When I was busy making my uni decisions I can remember how confusing it felt,” said Peter Moor, who studied for a BA in English and Linguistics. “Queen’s really stands out amongst scholarships at other universities.” 

Peter Moore, English and Linguistics

With the extra money you save, there are some amazing things you could put the money towards. “The whole GB Scholarship, well it helped make the transition over to Belfast that little bit easier.”

James Hadley-Piggin, (BA Social Anthropology) said: “The GB scholarship benefitted me in a variety of ways. "Financially, it’s fantastic and the money for flights was very convenient and saved a lot of money. It’s not just money towards flights home but the little things that count, like your own ensuite room. ”

James Hadley-Piggin, Social Anthropology

You also get the benefits of a shorter accommodation lease than other UK universities, so you have the ultimate in flexibility to live student life to the full.

Plus, there’s no nerve-wracking interview or application process.

Find out more about our undergraduate GB award worth over £2,500