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A Guide to Clubs and Societies at Queen’s!

Broadcast Production student Katie explains the benefits of joining clubs and societies at Queen's, of which there are over 220 to choose from.

Queen's rowing club group photo
Queen's Rowing Club

Life at uni can sometimes feel hectic with work and it almost feels like work is all you have to do! It is therefore really beneficial to have other hobbies and a social life besides all the work! It allows you to distract yourself and get involved with other activities.

Queen’s offers over 220 different clubs and societies, so there is definitely something for everyone! It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to take up any activity you want to as it’s probably one of the only places you will get such a diverse range of clubs and societies. So, I would hugely recommend signing up to as many as possible and they’re a great way to meet new people and get involved with the university.

I remember signing up to an abundance of clubs and societies when I first moved to Queen’s, and it opened my eyes up to so many different sports and societies I would never have thought of joining.

Queen’s Rowing Club

Throughout my time at Queen’s, I have been a part of several societies, including Rowing, Netball, Rugby and the Wine and Cheese Society.

Joining the rowing team was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was always something I wanted to try; I just never had the opportunity before! The sport involved a great deal of commitment and early mornings, but it was all so worth it! The coaches were amazing and always made sure you felt comfortable. It allowed me to meet an abundance of amazing people as well as allowing me to develop person skills.

Students from rowing club in boat

Queen's Rowing Club

The club also holds social events including a club dinner close to Christmas. This is a lovely time to celebrate everyone’s hard work and get together with the whole club (as well as a delicious meal of course!). It also allows you to get dressed up and have a boogie! Being part of the rowing team alongside my uni work allowed for a nice balance while at university. I have definitely made friends for life with this club, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try a different sport!

Rowing club at dinner

Rowing Club Christmas dinner

Queen’s Rugby Club

Rugby was a sport I took up in my final year, again this being a sport I had always wanted to try but just never really had the chance. I have grown so much confidence since being part of this society and met a wonderful group of girls who were all so welcoming. I think that’s a huge part of university, everyone is so hospitable and wants you to feel part of the group!

Like rowing, besides the training, they also organise social events allowing you get to know everyone within the society in a casual setting. It can be hard sometimes getting to know everyone when playing the sport, so the social events are a lovely way to do this! Although not a specific club/society, I would also hugely recommend Queen’s Gym! I have been a member of the gym since my first year at uni and it contains such a vast variety of equipment as well as a fantastic swimming pool and a great selection of gym classes.

Queen's rugby club group photo

Queen's Rugby Club

How to apply

Applying to clubs and societies couldn’t be easier! Every year Queen’s hold a Freshers Open Day. This gives not only Freshers but also non-freshers a chance to explore the vast array of clubs and societies the uni has to offer. You get the chance to walk around the individual clubs’ stalls and ask as many questions as your heart desires!

It allows you to meet the member of the clubs as well as what they do/how often they meet up etc. You have the option to sign up to the club then and there or you can go away and think about it and join online later! It’s a very easy process.

I however would hugely recommend signing up to as many clubs and societies as you can and try and attend their first meet up. You never know if you really like something unless you try it at the end of the day, and if it’s not for you, you can just simply stop attending! I remember being completely stunned by the amount of choice and opportunity Queen’s offered regarding clubs and societies, so I would really put yourself out there and grab any opportunity you can!

Explore over 220 clubs and societies at Queen's!

The clubs and societies offered by Queen’s are vast and diverse; and there is definitely something suited for everyone. You also have the opportunity to start your own club if you feel there is something missing! Included in the long extensive list of over 220(!) are some clubs I’ll mention below to give you an idea of the variety:

Sports: Archery, Cheerleading, Rowing, Underwater Hockey, Sailing, Snowboarding, Rugby

Academic and Career Enhancement Clubs: History, Law, Architecture, Chemistry, Computing, Economics Society

Arts, Culture and Language: Art Society, French Society, Chinese Lion Dance club

Media and Gaming: Film Society, Music Society, Dragon Slayers club, Radio Show, Electronic Music Society, Choral and Singing Society

Politics, Debate and Discussion Groups: Literific Society

Charity Work and Environmental Clubs: Code Club (helping kids to code)

Students from Queen's rugby club

Clubs allow you to meet new people in a different environment

Taking part in clubs and societies offers so many benefits! They allow for personal growth, developing your skills, networking opportunities, as well as physical and mental benefits. They allow for distraction and a space you can go to get away from all the uni work!

Besides the vast opportunity within the club/society itself, many clubs if not all organise social events. These are a great way to socialise with the club members in a different environment and explore places you may have never been before.

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Katie Gordon

Broadcast Production | Undergraduate student | York, England

I am in my final year studying Broadcast Production at Queen’s. I have a strong passion for everything media-related especially because it allows me to be creative and imaginative!

I love travelling, trying new things, and setting myself challenges. I also have a great interest in films, especially the genres of horror and comedy; I would definitely recommend the QFT!

I am very eager and open to helping anyone who feels they need further support as well as advice from a third-year student.

Katie Gordon