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Finding Friends for Life at Queen’s

GB student Katie provides some advice on how to make friends and enhance your social life while at university.

Two students walking down Commercial Court, Belfast

The idea of starting a new phase in your life, specifically at university, can be daunting! Especially if you’re moving away from home and moving from another country. However, it’ll be one of the most exciting and exhilarating times of your life. The friends you make along the way at university will be lifelong friends and some of the best people you will meet.

Below are just a few bits of advice for making friends when you first move to university, or even if you are already at university!

Be confident in yourself!

Firstly, I would definitely say the main thing is to be confident in yourself and put yourself out there! When I first moved over from England to Belfast, I knew no one and I remember my first night in halls (Elms BT9 which I would highly recommend, especially for the social aspect), I met 2 lovely girls and asked them if they wanted to go out for a few drinks that night. It turned out to be one of my favourite nights and I met so many more people that evening.

Students at the Treehouse, BT9

Hang out at the Treehouse in Elms BT9

I think the thing to remember is that everybody is in the same boat, everybody wants to meet people and make friends. So just being confident in yourself will lead you to meet people and to make friends for life! I feel that friends are a huge part of your university experience, and they will be going through exactly what you are and so it feels very supportive to have people you can talk to.

If you’re thinking of moving into halls, I would really recommend BT9, it’s a great way to meet a whole bunch of new people and the ‘Tree House’ is a great place to spend time with people and socialise.

Get involved in Clubs and Societies

Secondly, I would hugely recommend joining as many clubs and societies as you can! Even if you maybe don’t want to attend them later. This is one thing I regret not doing in my first year, unfortunately I only really started considering it in third year when it was a bit too late!

Not only do the clubs and societies at Queen’s allow you to take a break from your studies and enjoy something different, they are also a perfect way to meet new people who have similar interests to you.

Queen's has over 220 clubs and societies for you to choose from

Queen’s have a vast array of clubs and societies ranging from all types of sports and academic clubs, as well as more relaxed clubs such as Wine and Cheese Society which I would highly recommended! Taking the opportunity to join/attend an array of clubs when first moving to uni is a great way to meet new people and to get involved with activities away from studies.

Within societies, they organise social events, everything from karaoke night to games night, to going out for drinks! This is another great opportunity to meet new people as well as maybe seeing parts of Belfast you have never visited before.

Stay social!

My third piece of advice would definitely be to never miss any opportunity for a night out, if that’s your thing (unless assignments are getting on top of you, of course). Socialising is a huge part of the university experience and like clubs and societies, it’s a nice distraction away from studies.

I would highly recommend the SU bar for a chilled environment. They also hold great pub quizzes and it’s filled with university students, so a great place to meet new people!

One Elmwood bar

Grab pizza and a drink at the SU Bar!

There are many other amazing places in Belfast for just drinks or to go clubbing! I would highly recommend Thompsons, Filthy McNastys or The Hatfield. Whether you’re a big drinker or don’t drink at all, experiencing the nightlife in Belfast is definitely not one to miss!

Lastly, the amount of people you will meet just from your course will be vast! Again, with having similar interests, it is such an easy way to make a bunch of friends. And like I said before, the main thing is to be confident and remember that everyone is in the same position and wants to make a ton of new friends!

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Katie Gordon

Broadcast Production | Undergraduate student | York, England

I am in my final year studying Broadcast Production at Queen’s. I have a strong passion for everything media-related especially because it allows me to be creative and imaginative!

I love travelling, trying new things, and setting myself challenges. I also have a great interest in films, especially the genres of horror and comedy; I would definitely recommend the QFT!

I am very eager and open to helping anyone who feels they need further support as well as advice from a third-year student.

Katie Gordon