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Forget-Me-Nots: The Last-Minute Packing Checklist

Embarking on an international student journey is an exciting adventure, but ensuring you have all the essentials packed can be daunting. Hiya runs through a list of “forget-me-nots” to help form your last-minute packing checklist.

Student reading on bed in accommodation


Ensure you have all necessary documents such as your passport, visa vignette, BRP, CAS, acceptance letter, housing information, and medical records. Keep them organised, safe and easily accessible during your travel journey and upon arrival.

International adaptors and chargers

The UK uses three-pin electrical ports so if you have any devices, I recommend checking their compatibility and bringing spare international adaptors, so you don’t have to buy new appliances or chargers for your devices!

UK adaptor plug

Double check your device compatibility!

Local currency

While it's essential to have access to funds through cards and bank accounts, setting these up takes some time so having some local currency on hand is convenient for immediate expenses upon arrival, such as transportation or snacks. Exchange a small amount before departing (or withdraw cash from an ATM upon arrival but be mindful of added costs of using a bank card from outside the UK).

Money and wallet on table

The local currency is Sterling/GBP (£)

Prescriptions and medications

Don't forget to bring an adequate supply of any prescription medications you take regularly (including prescription contact lenses) with copies of your prescriptions. Upon arrival, navigating the GP system and calibrating medical records can take time so be aware of the delay!

The University Health Centre at Queen's - The How, What, Why, and When Answered

Something warm! (and maybe an umbrella)

Although it is recommended to buy winter clothing from local stores to save the hassle of packing bulky jackets in your luggage, the weather when you land can be unpredictable – so have a warm coat and an umbrella for the Belfast rain in your carry-on bags.

Commercial Court Belfast

Commercial Court, Belfast

Comfortable shoes!

The Queen’s campus and all of Belfast city are extremely walkable, be prepared to achieve all your steps every day; and bring comfortable shoes that you won’t mind getting a little wet or muddy while exploring.

Take a campus tour!

First aid kit

Pack a small first aid kit with basic supplies such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any personal medications or medical supplies you may need. This can come in handy for minor injuries or illnesses while you’re figuring your way around town.


Whether you’re in Queen’s accommodation, a hotel or a shared house for your first few weeks here, make sure you have sliders, flip-flops or shower slippers to use indoors.

Person wearing pink slippers

Mini sewing kit

Add a mini sewing kit to your packing list for quick repairs and alterations on the go. This compact companion includes needles, threads, mini scissors, and other essential sewing supplies to handle small emergencies without any hassle or stress.

Sewing kit

Comfort items

Bring along a few personal items that will provide comfort and familiarity, such as photographs, favourite snacks, or a special token. These can help ease the transition to your new environment and make your room and house a little more homely.

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Hiya Grover

MB BCh BAO Medicine | Undergraduate Student | Dubai, UAE & India

I'm a second-year undergraduate medical student at Queen's, originally from India; however, I've lived in Dubai, UAE, for the past 15 years. I am part of a few medical societies, namely Scrubs surgical society, SWOT, and QUB Cardiology society. Alongside these academic endeavours, I'm a committee member for the French society and thoroughly enjoy reading, horse riding, and volunteering in the community whenever I can! My journey to Queen's was a learning curve and a hugely gratifying experience; I hope to help aspiring applicants find their footing in this wonderful new environment.

Hiya Grover