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The Most ‘Instagrammable’ Spots in Belfast

Belfast is a bustling hub of social activity and natural beauty spots, making it a dynamic subject for both photography fans and social media influencers. Second year Medicine student Mehak Bindra highlights the city's most visually appealing areas.

Queen's Lanyon Building

Your time in Belfast will hold some of the most important, cherished moments of your academia, career and journey; and taking photos is a great way to capture and store these memories for life. From your weekend nights out, to your very first time exploring Belfast, to your final graduation, these iconic Belfast spots are a great, versatile background for your pictures as not only can they match your Instagram vibes, but they can hold so much nostalgia and sentimentality. What can I say, “a picture holds a thousand words”.

Belfast City Hall

Taking pictures in front of Belfast City Hall is a wonderful way to capture the city's rich history and architectural beauty. The grandeur of the building, with its stunning Edwardian Renaissance-style design, serves as a captivating backdrop that adds a touch of elegance and significance to any photograph. Moreover, the City Hall is a symbol of civic pride and serves as a central hub for cultural events, making it an iconic and vibrant location that encapsulates the spirit of Belfast.

Front of Belfast City Hall

Cathedral Quarter

Exploring the streets of Cathedral Quarter in Belfast is a photographer's dream. The area's narrow cobbled streets, adorned with vibrant street art and historic architecture, provide a visually captivating backdrop for capturing unique and artistic photographs. From the charming cafes and boutiques to the bustling nightlife and live music scene, the Cathedral Quarter exudes a lively and creative atmosphere that infuses every frame with a sense of energy and cultural richness. Taking pictures in this dynamic district allows you to capture the essence of Belfast's vibrant arts and cultural scene.

A must mention is Commercial St. in Cathedral Quarter, home to the truly loved ‘Umbrella Street’. The mesmerising, luminous neon installation shining in the night makes this street a standout feature in Cathedral Quarter. Whether it's your first photo of this street or your 100th, this street is timeless with its mix of traditional and modern architecture; adding a unique juxtaposition and visual interest to your photographs.

Commercial Court street view beside Duke of York bar

St. Anne's Square

A quieter, more contemporary and relaxed area, St. Anne’s Square is renowned for its stunning architecture. The area hosts various events, exhibitions and performances, providing a snapshot of Belfast’s creative scene. I must mention the Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC) as well as St. Anne’s Cathedral, a breath-taking architectural masterpiece that showcases intricate details and craftsmanship. Pictures of St. Anne’s Cathedral allow you to document its beauty, preserve its history and contribute to the visual storytelling of Belfast’s cultural and architectural heritage.  

St Anne's Square

Victoria Square: The Dome

The Dome presents you with a unique perspective of our city. Its panoramic views showcase the cityscape of Belfast, capturing iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and the surrounding natural beauty. In the middle of Victoria Square, the Dome is easily accessible and is open for evening photography as well as allowing you to capture changing hues of the sky during sunset with the city lights.

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens in Belfast offers a picturesque escape into nature, making it an ideal location for capturing beautiful and captivating photographs. The gardens' lush greenery, vibrant flower beds, and serene water features create a stunning backdrop, providing endless opportunities to capture the beauty of the natural world. The Greenhouse and Tropical Ravine shelters a multitude of unique plant species that offer a peaceful and enchanting setting.

Botanic Gardens flower bed

The Lanyon

Of course, I had to add our very own Queen’s University Lanyon Building. Opened in 1849 and designed by Sir Charles Lanyon, the Lanyon is the centre piece of our university and as a student you will be visiting and seeing the building throughout your academic career, maybe even having your formal or graduation there too! As a Queen’s scholar, it is tradition to take a picture in front of the Lanyon at least once. Inside the Lanyon is even more fascinating, especially the ‘Black and White Hall’ that holds a statue of Galileo as well as the ‘Great Hall’ which houses portraits of influential people from Queen’s.

Lanyon building exterior

The Quadrangle

When you walk through the Lanyon, you will enter the Quadrangle Courtyard. I have seen many people fall in love with the greenery that surrounds the courtyard with seasonal flora. Photos can be taken within the arched colonnades, under the trees or just by the vibrant lawn. This location is a must for graduation, welcome week, sports and campus events, or any special event photos.

A local Irish pub

With their warm and inviting ambiance, cozy interiors, traditional décor and lively atmosphere, Irish pubs provide a perfect setting to capture authentic moments of camaraderie, live music performances, and the joyous spirit of locals and visitors coming together. Capturing pictures in pubs such as the Duke of York, Crown Liquor Saloon, The Dark Horse and more across Belfast offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of Irish culture and the city's vibrant social scene.

Joy’s Entry

Joy's Entry in Belfast is a delightful and charming location that serves as a picturesque backdrop for capturing adorable photos. With its narrow cobblestone path, colourful buildings adorned with flower baskets, and vintage streetlamps, this hidden gem exudes an enchanting atmosphere that adds a touch of whimsy and romance to any photograph. Whenever you are in the city centre, keep an eye out for and explore the other small alleyways that can be just as unique.

Joy's Entry Belfast

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