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Professor Ilias Kyriazakis

Professor Ilias Kyriazakis

Specialises in the effects of animal management on their performance, ability to cope with challenges, such as pathogens, and environmental impact.

Professor Kyriazakis has been responsible for the baseline assessment of the environmental impact of livestock systems on current livestock systems in the UK and across Europe. He uses Life Cycle Assessment methodologies to assess the impact of such systems, including the economic, social and environmental impact.

Prof Kyriazakis also assesses the impacts of mitigation options, such as the use of novel feeds, management methods and manure management.

Prof Kyriazakis’s work address the 1) effects of nutrition on the ability of animals to cope with pathogens; 2) use of alternative and home grown feeds for livestock systems; 3) development of methods to assess the environmental impact of local and global livestock systems.

Climate Change Environment
Areas of Expertise

Environmental and climate-change impacts of agriculture; Sustainability in animal food systems; sustainability of agricultural systems; environmental impacts of agricultural systems; reducing agricultural carbon footprint; reducing agricultural emissions

Media Experience

Prof Kyriazakis has extensive experience with print and podcasts.

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Associated Research Centres / Projects

Institute for Global Food SecuritySchool of Biological Sciences