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Healthy Living for All

Colleagues across our Schools and Faculties are dedicated to deepening our understanding of diseases, and developing solutions and treatments for them.

Our expertise in conducting clinical trials and our world leading facilities in cancer and precision medicine research are a testament to the breakthroughs that Queen’s research has facilitated over the decades. We are also leading the way in developing strategies and initiatives which mitigate against the worst effects of illness and which act as preventative agents to illnesses developing in the first place.

A strong public health approach, focusing on community well-being and cultural enrichment, aligned with a commitment to educational opportunity and social justice drives our pledge to improve health outcomes which can reduce inequalities across society.

Impact Case Studies

Research Topics

  • Tackling cancer, infection, respiratory and eye diseases
  • Improving life course health and community well-being
  • Precision medicine and digital innovation to enhance healthcare solutions
  • Interventions and services to improve health and reduce inequality
Driving Innovation in Clinical Health Care Through

The Belfast Region City Deal

Queen’s is leading the Institute for Research Excellence in Advanced Clinical Healthcare (iREACH), an integrated clinical research centre of excellence, and an NHS, industry, and research facility. It will transform the region’s ability to test new drugs, medical-technology, care pathways and societal interventions. It will leverage the opportunities that exist at the interface of medical research and digital transformation, resulting in better care for patients in a post-Covid world.

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