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Moving to Northern Ireland

Did you know that Queen’s University is only a one hour flight away from most cities in England, Scotland and Wales?

In fact, Belfast has excellent travel connections, with two airports flying to 74 destinations as well as 99 ferry sailings per week.

For transfers to the University from airports, Belfast City Airport is only a 10-minute bus journey costing less than £2. From Belfast International Airport, it’s a 40-minute bus costing just over £5. 

So, how much does travel really cost?

The cost of getting to Queen’s University is typically cheaper and quicker than travelling to other universities in England, Scotland or Wales.

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Check out the table to see the average costs of getting to university from across Great Britain:

* (Source: Google Flights,

Destination Travel Cost* Time
Getting to Queen’s University Belfast  Flight: £45 (Newcastle to Belfast return £45, London to Belfast return £40)  45mins- 1hour
Getting to a Scottish University Train: £75-£161 (Newcastle to Glasgow £75.30, London to Glasgow £161) 3-6 hours
Getting to a London University Train: £90-£100 (Newcastle to London £90.10, Mancheser to London £100.50) 3-6 hours
Getting to a North East University Train: £84-£90 (London to Newcastle £90.10, Manchester to Newcastle £84.20) 3-6 hours
Getting to a North West University Train: £90-£100 (London to Manchester £100.50, Glasgow to Manchester £90.60) 2-4 hours

“After researching Queen’s and watching videos of other students’ experiences and accommodation options, I knew Queen’s was the right place for me. I saw this as an opportunity to discover a new city which I’d never visited and a chance for me to grow as a person, as I would not be as close to home.”Francesca D’Souza
Watford, England

Make the most of your GB Scholarship

“When I was busy making my uni decisions I can remember how confusing it felt,” said Peter Moore, who studied for a BA in English and Linguistics.

“Queen’s really stands out amongst scholarships at other universities.”

If you qualify for the GB Scholarship 2023 

  • The University will pay £2,500 towards Queen's Accommodation (or alternative contracted provider) in your first year of study.

  • You will also receive a sum of £500 in your first year of study to support flights and costs associated with moving to Belfast. 

With the extra money you save, there are some amazing things you could put the money towards.

Find out more about the GB Scholarship

"Queen's accommodation has a Residential Life Team who are always available to have a chat or give you help should you need it. If you spend time at the coffee bar and at events, they truly become your friends. They also run trips to other parts of Northern Ireland at the weekend, which are a great way to make new friends."Grace Williams

Settling in at Queen's University

Students playing x-box in accommodation

GB students are guaranteed university accommodation in first year and our Residential Life Team are able to offer support if you feel lonely or homesick.

They also organise regular socials and trips throughout each semester. These range from events like Disney karaoke to trips to ice hockey matches, IKEA, games nights and movie nights.

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Find out more about Queen's Accommodation

Student starter pack

We know it’s tempting, but don’t go packing everything but the kitchen sink! When you arrive at the accommodation, you can buy a kitchen and bedding pack with all the things you need to get started. Here’s what’s included:

Kitchen Pack                               £35.00 1 White Ceramic Plate, 1 White Ceramic Bowl, 1 White Ceramic Bowl, 1 White Ceramic Mug, 1 Glass, 1 Table Knife (18+ only), 1 Table Fork, 1 Spoon, 1 Tea Spoon, 1 Medium Saucepan & Lid, 1 Frying Pan, 1 Utensil Set, 1 Can Opener, 1 Vegetable Knife (18+ Only), 1 Oven Tray, 1 Tea Towel.
Bedding Pack 

£30.00- £40.00 (Depending on Bed Size) 2 Pillows, 2 Pillow Covers, 1 Duvet, 1 Duvet Cover, 1 Sheet, 1 Mattress Protector.


Book a personalised tour of Queen's

Seeing is believing, and we think you’ll be convinced once you experience our stunning campus for yourself. If you’re thinking of applying to Queen’s, why not book a Campus Tour? You can request a bespoke tour that will introduce you to the people and places you’ll interact with on your chosen course.

Take a 360 degree Virtual Tour of Queen's

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