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Fees and finance

Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund is used to provide discretionary financial help for students who are experiencing financial difficulties whilst studying and comprises two funds, the Department for the Economy(DfE) Student Support Fund and the University’s Hardship Fund.


The Student Support Fund is now open for the academic year 2019-20 and students can apply when registration has been completed.


DfE Student Support Fund

The DfE Student Support Fund is a discretionary fund which may provide financial assistance to students from Northern Ireland and Great Britain, who encounter financial difficulty whilst studying

  • All full-time and part-time (50% of equivalent full-time course) Northern Ireland and Great Britain undergraduates and postgraduate students can apply. 
  • Undergraduate students must have taken out their maximum Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loan entitlement.
  • All postgraduate students must demonstrate that they have organised sufficient funding for their course. 


University’s Hardship Fund

Students who are not eligible for the DfE Student Support Fund will be considered for an award from the University’s Hardship Fund.  There is a smaller amount of money available within the Hardship Fund, so circumstances must be exceptional for an award to be made.


How to Apply

Students can only apply to the Student Support Fund using an ONLINE application, available by logging into their Qsis Student Account at     

For help completing the online application please click here

All applications to the Fund must be made through the online application facility above, no paper applications will be accepted.

Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks to have your application assessed once to have submitted all of your documentation.


Student Support Framework

Applications will be assessed for eligibility for an award from either the DfE Student Support Fund or Hardship Fund. Awards from either funds are assessed against specific criteria, full details of which are set out in The Student Support Framework, please click here.



It is essential that all documentation requested during the online application process is submitted to the Student Finance Office. Please record your student number on all documentation and include a print out of the document management page from the online application with all information submitted.


Second Applications

Applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances where there is clear evidence that an emergency has arisen. Documentary evidence will be required.


Additional Information

Students will be advised by email whether their application has been successful or not, within 6 weeks of submission of all requested documentation in support of their application.  Applications will not be assessed until all documentation has been received.  Please also note:

  • No decision will be discussed over the phone.  Awards made do not have to be repaid.
  • Students whose bank statements indicate any evidence of repeated gambling are not eligible to receive an award..  
  • Students in receipt of benefits, to which they are not entitled, are not eligible to receive an award.
  • If you have an outstanding Emergency Loan or Institutional Bursary overpayment, any award from the Support Fund will be used towards repayment of this debt.
  • There is no automatic entitlement to an award for any student.  Awards are subject to money being available in the Fund.


Emergency Loan

The Support Fund also provides help for the students who have not received their maintenance loan at the beginning of term - in the form of an emergency loan.

Emergency Loan Forms can be obtained from: Advice SU, email

The emergency loan is an advance receipt of a student’s maintenance loan.  Upon receipt of the maintenance loan every student is required to repay the emergency loan immediately.

Students who have applied for an Emergency Loan are encouraged to apply to the Support Fund.

Students on occasion may be referred to other support services within the University.  These may include:

Disability Services

Learning Development Service

Counselling Service


Queen’s Care Leavers Bursary

The Queen’s Care Leavers Bursary, is paid directly to an eligible student’s bank account on receipt of a successful application, and is paid in two instalments of £500, at the start of each semester. Please visit

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Fees and finance
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