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Sustainable Living

Student digging at BT9 allotment

We recognise that the actions and choices of our community have a huge impact on the University's environmental footprint, with approx. 3,500 students living in our accommodation, we are committed to embedding sustainable working and thinking through education.

We ask all students to share our commitment to sustainability by participating and contributing to various projects:

  • ‘Switch off’ campaign – reducing the consumption of electricity by turning off lights, PC’s & televisions;
  • Environmental events to include adopt a plant / grow you own herb;
  • Clothes recycling throughout the year;
  • Community garden at Elms BT9;
  • Donating of unwanted items such as books, bedding, kitchen utensils, toiletries and non-perishable food;
  • Waste management – reduce & recycle initiatives.

Across accommodation we have introduced many things to help reduce our environmental impact:

  • Water butts to gather rainwater;
  • Cleaning – use of re-usable & eco-friendly products;
  • Bore well at Elms BT9 to reduce water mains consumption;
  • Secure bike storage facilities & opportunity to purchase recycled bikes. Queen’s also runs a bike hub where students can lease a bike for the academic year

We encourage all our residents to be environmentally responsible and supportive of the University’s commitment to sustainability. Students can help reduce our impact on the environment in the following easy ways.

Conserve energy

Switch off all lights when you don't need them, especially when you leave your room.

Don't leave electrical appliances on standby. Switch off your television, laptop, PC, and monitor, especially overnight or if you are away on weekends.

Conserve water

Turn off the taps when you don't use them and report dripping or leaking taps to your reception or through the online maintenance portal.