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Supporting Students at Queen's
Our Game Plan

“Queen’s Sport will drive a culture of excellence through sport and wellbeing to positively impact the lives of students, staff and the wider community.”

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Our sporting history stretches back over 150 years and the University numbers some of the best known names in sport in its alumni. Built on the efforts of many generations of Queen’s University Belfast students, we are proud of this sporting heritage and of its prominence in the identity of this great institution.  

To positively impact the experience of students, staff and the wider community we offer high quality programmes and world class sporting provision, to enable everyone to achieve their health, wellbeing goals and sporting goals.

Our Participation programme supports our students to maximise their potential, encourages active participation in sport and physical activity across the campus and helps our clubs enrich the experience of their members.  We offer a range of sports through 57 clubs, with multiple competitive and recreational teams, so there are enough opportunities for everyone to continue their sporting journey or start being active today 

Our Performance programme offers academy places for students within our five priority sports of Rugby, Soccer, GAA, Hockey and Rowing, providing an enhanced support structure for clubs and students alike.  Our Elite Athlete Programme for high performance athletes, competing at national and international level, provides coaching and mentoring, and supports professional development in their chosen sport.  

Through our programmes and facilities, we seek to ensure that Queen’s students have the determination and belief to succeed at the highest possible levels, in their sporting life, academic studies and careers. By driving a culture of excellence through sport and physical activity, we help students acquire the professional and personal skills that make them confident, resilient, employer-focused and networked. 

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To ensure that we remain one of the premier sports Universities across the UK and Ireland, we need to continue to invest in our facilities, workforce, programmes and services. We need to provide the best possible coaching if we are to continue to build on the sporting history and heritage of Queen’s. To ensure the wellbeing and personal development of our community, embed a high performing culture and achieve world class sporting provision, we need your involvement.  

Many of the people who become involved in sport at Queen’s remain friends for life. Please join other alumni and friends in supporting the future of Queen’s sport. Whether your donation is used to help buy equipment, invest in facilities, meet the cost of coaching or enable a talented athlete to train and compete whilst studying, it will make a difference.  

To find out more about supporting Queen’s Sport, contact Paddy Gilmore, Development and Engagement Manager or donate here. 


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Performance Sport at Queen's
Queen's Sport

The role of sport at Queen’s University can be transformative for students, staff and the wider community and our ambition is to empower well-being and achievement for all through our commitment to the university values. We are proud of our sporting heritage and of its prominence in the identity of this great institution. Driving a culture of excellence through sport has enabled generations of students to acquire personal and professional skills that have enhanced employability and created an alumni body connected locally and globally that are of the highest calibre.

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