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School of Pharmacy Students Volunteer in the Community and Hospital Sectors

Queen’s students are continuing to work together to support individuals infected with SARS-CoV2 and to protect wider society from the consequences of the Covid-19 disease.

Recognising the impact of the outbreak and increased pressure within the sector, over 130 of our undergraduate students from the School of Pharmacy have been working within community and hospital based pharmacies, using their skillset to support on the frontline.

Students volunteering within the community pharmacy setting across the island of Ireland, are assisting pharmacists with the increased volume of prescriptions being received and ensuring that the vulnerable and elderly are receiving vital medications.  Students in the hospital sector have been acting in supporting roles to help with the procurement and delivery of medicines crucial for treating symptoms of Covid-19 in hospital wards and primary care Covid-19 centres.

Other students have been playing their part, working in nursing homes and supermarkets.

Speaking about their work, Dr Paul McCague, Senior Lecturer (Education) in the School of Pharmacy, said: “We are immensely proud of all our students who have contributed to the fight against this pandemic in many different ways.  Alongside this our students have continued to engage fully with their studies, in an outstanding manner. Large numbers have supported our pharmacy workforce at this critical time - we hope the students look back on these challenging days in the years ahead, and remember the important role they played”.

Hear from our Undergraduate Pharmacy students who have been volunteering on the frontline: 


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