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Review/Renewal of Agreements

The majority of agreements for Collaborative Research Degree Programmes (CRDPs) are for individual students and therefore will not normally require review and will lapse on programme completion.  Where a research degree has been validated by the University then the procedures for the periodic review of validated and franchised programmes should be followed.

In the case of other institutional Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) for CRDPs, Academic Affairs will contact the University Coordinator six months before the expiry of MOA to check if the School wishes to renew the arrangement.  If so, Faculty endorsement should be sought by the School and an updated MOA prepared. The School should provide a brief supporting rationale and send that to the Secretary of Education Committee (Quality and Standards) (ECQS).  If the arrangement is not to continue, appropriate arrangements for withdrawal will be put in place and coordinated through Academic Affairs in association with the School/Faculty.

In making a decision to continue, Faculty should seek to review and update original business plans, with approval from Finance, for the proposed period of renewal. The updated business plan should either be presented as part of the paperwork considered by ECQS or confirmation provided that this has been agreed with Finance.

The Secretary will then collate the related documentation for consideration and approval by ECQS.  Upon approval, Academic Affairs will inform the School and make arrangements to have the new MOA signed by each party.