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Current Prizewinners


 Sustained Excellence Category

Dr Ramona Wray, Arts, English and Languages

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Ramona Wray, a committed and supportive teacher in the School of Arts, English and Languages.  Dr Wray provides an inspiring, student-led and active learning environment in which her students are empowered to participate and recognise the value of their contribution.  Dr Wray uses a range of media to stimulate learner interest and her approach develops important subject-specific skills as well as employability skills.


Ruth Craig, Institute of Professional Legal Studies (IPLS)

This Teaching Award is presented to Ruth Craig, a senior lecturer in IPLS, the sole provider of professional training for prospective solicitors and barristers.  Ms Craig has developed a flexible learning environment in which her students take control of their learning and evaluate their own understanding of the material.  As an early adopter of the Canvas VLE, she provides a range of innovative resources which her students can access asynchronously.  Her online discussion classes provide her students with opportunities to engage with law professionals and her overall approach enables her students to develop important employability skills.


 Student-nominated Category

Dr Chi-Wai Chan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

This Teaching Award in the Student-nominated category is presented to Dr Chi-Wai Chan, a highly supportive and engaging teacher.  Dr Chan has redesigned his module to incorporate active learning approaches, examples of authentic practice and innovative assessment.  These changes have led to improved uptake and student attainment.  He is actively involved in supporting international students adapt to new learning environments and providing pastoral support for their learning.  In their nominating statement his students stated, “Dr Chan has been attentive, encouraging and most of all supportive.  He stands out for his enthusiasm for his work and has a keen interest in the overarching philosophy involved in teaching.”

Dr Derek Brazil, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

This Teaching Award in the Student-nominated category is presented to Dr Derek Brazil, a highly motivated teacher who actively seeks out and uses student feedback to adapt his learning approaches.  As an early adopter of the Canvas VLE at Queen’s, he has effectively used this resource to enhance student engagement, provide formative assessment and to offer remote and flipped learning approaches.  In their nominating statement his students noted, “Dr Brazil goes over and above his duty to help promote the student voice and maximise our learning experience. Dr Brazil is very passionate about his subject and indeed his research.

Rising Stars Category

Dr Louise Pick, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Louise Pick, a committed teacher who has developed new course materials and is using active learning strategies to improve student engagement and outcomes.  As a Canvas Champion she has used the VLE for formative assessment resulting in enhanced student engagement with the assessment and improved student attainment.  She effectively uses live student feedback to ascertain student understanding of the material and respond rapidly to identified challenges.  Her use of interactive technologies informs her excellent pedagogy.


Dr Lilian Simones, Graduate School

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Lilian Simones, a Research Development Consultant for her work on the expansion and redesign of the Graduate School’s development provision for PhD students across the University.  Dr Simones has developed a range of innovative programmes.  She uses a variety of formats and involves a range of stakeholders to provide an interactive and meaningful learning experience and diverse development opportunities that foster student independence.


Dr Melie Le Roy, School of Natural and Built Environment

This Teaching Award in the Rising Stars category is presented to Dr Melie Le Roy, an enthusiastic and student-centred lecturer in Archaeology.  Dr Le Roy has designed a module with an innovative and engaging assessment ‘Gamebook’ element which develops essential discipline-specific skills, a range of employability skills, and coding skills.


Dr Rebecca Craig, School of Pharmacy

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Rebecca Craig for the provision of a highly engaging learning experience dealing with an important theoretical subject in Pharmacy.  Dr Craig has used e-learning resources to sustain industry involvement with the teaching and to develop high level employability skills essential for the pharmaceutical industry.  Her work ensures meaningful connections between the learning environment, industry and student and her thoughtful design has meant that her approaches can be rolled out more widely with little modification.


Dr Gary Mitchell, School of Nursing and Midwifery

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Gary Mitchell, a link-lecturer from eight hospital wards and eight Care Homes across the Belfast and South Eastern Health and Social Care Trusts.  Dr Mitchell has developed innovative approaches to teaching a range of clinical education topics.  His methods include service-user involvement, flipped learning, group-work and multi-media to provide a valuable and inclusive learning experience.  He has developed a “serious game” to raise awareness of dementia issues amongst nursing students and the wider population.  This innovation has been recognised as an important initiative by the Alzheimer’s Society.


Dr Helen Reid, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Helen Reid for her work leading the General Practice module in the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences.  Dr Reid’s approach offers a novel small-group teaching format, student-led initiatives and co-teaching.  In response to the cancellation of clinical placements for students due to lockdown, she curated an existing authentic video resource into an innovative online alternative of GP-specific Virtual Surgeries in order to continue to provide her students with an authentic learning experience. 

Excellence in Learning Support by a Team

 Dr Briegeen Girvin, Dr Mary-Carmel Kearney and Dr Sharon Haughey, School of Pharmacy

This Teaching Award is presented to a team from the School of Pharmacy for the effective development and delivery of a primary care teaching initiative which prepares students for the new and developing role of practice-based pharmacists.  Students are taught a range of clinical examination skills and provided with opportunities to develop important analytical skills, a primary care placement and innovative assessment approach which together fully prepare their students to work in the general practice environment.