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Current Prizewinners


 Sustained Excellence Category

Dr Edel Lamb, Arts, English and Languages

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Edel Lamb, a senior lecturer in Renaissance Literature.  Dr Lamb has created an inclusive and accessible learning environment in which each student is valued and supported to achieve their potential.  Her research-led teaching and wide range of delivery methods provides an engaging learning experience that is student-led and responsive to student needs.


Rising Stars Category

Laura Creighton, School of Nursing and Midwifery

This Teaching Award is presented to Laura Creighton for the provision of co-designed, authentic learning experiences for her students.  Ms Creighton has created and incorporated a range of innovative approaches to engage students with their learning and she has embedded self-care activities into her module to support the wellbeing of her students.

Stuart Harper, Institute of Professional Legal Studies

This Teaching Award is presented to Stuart Harper for the provision of vocational legal education to solicitor and barrister trainees.  His innovative approach and thoughtful redesign of his modules delivers an interactive and engaging learning experience that effectively prepares his students for professional practice.

Dr Paul McCafferty, Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Paul McCafferty, a lecturer in Social Work who has re-designed his modules to provide a learning experience that prepares his students for social work practice.   Dr McCafferty’s teaching incorporates a range of inclusive teaching approaches, authentic assessment and work-based learning opportunities to engage his students and provide an active learning experience that meets the needs of a diverse student body.

Dr Aisling Reid, Arts, English and Languages

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Aisling Reid, a lecturer in Late Medieval Literature.  Dr Reid has established an engaging and inclusive learning environment for her students.  She provides a range of ways for her students to participate in the learning experience and opportunities to engage with internationally renowned academics.  Her engaging activities build student confidence and deliver a highly effective learning experience.

Dr Laura Steele, Queen's Business School

This Teaching Award is presented to Dr Laura Steele, a senior lecturer in Business and Society.  Dr Steele has designed and delivers an interactive teaching experience and innovative assessment approach with an emphasis on delivering a transformative experience and educating for societal impact.  These approaches engage her students with their learning and effectively prepares them for employment. 


Excellence in Teaching by a Team

Dr Neil Buchanan
Jim Norney
Gerry Rafferty
Kiernan Rainey
Tony Boyle
The Next Generation Electronics Laboratories Team, EEECS

This Teaching Award is presented to the EEECS Next Generation Electronics Laboratories Team.  The team members have collaborated effectively to design and deliver innovative solutions to challenges encountered in delivering engaging practical lab sessions to international students where no lab facilities were available, and to international and home students during lockdown.  Post-Covid the team has updated their approach to include innovative assessments with authentic application.

Dr Gary Mitchell
Professor Christine-Brown Wilson
Dr Patrick Stark
Dr Gillian Carter
Stephanie Craig
School of Nursing and Midwifery

This Teaching Award is presented to a team in the School of Nursing and Midwifery for the design and delivery of a range of asynchronous education interventions in the field of caring for older people.  These interventions were co-designed with students, people with lived experience and clinicians.  The team delivers engaging and authentic learning experiences that build their students’ knowledge and confidence to practice in the field.

Dr Davina Carr, Dr James Reid, Wesley Stirling
Ray Lam, David Hardy, Melissa McDonald
Joanne Fairley, Gillian Luke, Sarah Andrews
Alison Smart, Dr Linda Ni Chianain
Dr Andrew Spence, Professor Gerry Gormley
Centre for Medical Education and School of Nursing and Midwifery

This Teaching Award is presented to a multi-professional healthcare team that has designed and delivered the Acute Care Course (ACC).  The team’s collaborative approach enables them to deliver transformative and innovative learning experiences that enhance their students’ confidence and equips them to deal with real-world working challenges.  The team’s work on the ACC has been identified by the General Medical Council (GMC) as an example of best practice.