Internationalising the Curriculum

Internationalisation of higher education is the process of integrating an international/ intercultural dimension into teaching, research and service of the institution (Back, Davis Olsen, 1996). For Queen’s, this means embedding an international perspective in teaching and learning, research and development.

Most programmes at Queen’s will already include some topics which bring a global perspectives to teaching and learning activities. It is also common for academics to draw on their own international research work when teaching.

Examples of Internationalised Curriculum themes

  • Global Warming
  • Sustainability
  • The Global Economy
  • World Trade
  • Historical International Links
  • International Research Initiatives
  • Poverty
  • Human Migration
  • International Justice and Law
  • Multiculturalism/ Cultural Diversity
  • International Politics
  • Global Ethics/ Global Citizenship
  • Language
  • Global and Cultural Health Issues
  • Field Work Abroad

Internationalisation Case Studies from within Queen's

Further Information

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