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Canvas VLE

Canvas Quicklinks to Key Resources


 Click on the 'More Info' link for further guidance with Canvas VLE.

1. I don't have time to attend virtual training sessions. How else can I avail of support?

You can find a video recording of each of the Canvas training sessions on the schedule. Videos can be played back at 1x, 1.5x, or 2x speed. In addition, the online self-paced Canvas course includes key guidance materials and short how-to type videos.

2. How will I know if there has been any student activity taking place in my Canvas module?

New Analytics are available in Canvas which provide a richer analytics experience detailing grades and weekly online activity at both course or student level as well as providing a series of downloadable reports. This feature also reintroduces the "Message Students Who..." functionality which allows targeted messages to be sent to student's Canvas inboxes based on grades, course activity or assignment submission status. Further information and guidance is available on the Canvas@Queen's Blog.

3. I need help with Canvas?

Canvas Tier 1 Support are available 24x7x365 for all staff and students. The team support technical queries as well as providing advice on how Canvas can be used, the ‘how do I’ type questions. The Canvas Tier 1 Team can be reached via the ‘Help’ menu in Canvas. There are a number of contact methods available to you. Support can also be reached outside of Canvas by email:

As well as 1-1 support, comprehensive staff and student guides on how to use Canvas are available on the Canvas Community Website. The Canvas Community is a place to help users find answers, share ideas, and network or collaborate with other Canvas users from across the globe.

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Streaming Live lecture

MS Teams

MS Teams Quicklinks to Key Resources


1. I do not want my students to be able to record the lecture and they keep muting and removing me and other students from the meeting. How do I stop this?

You can stop this happening by changing who can present in the meeting. In the meeting options if you ensure that only you (or a selected list of people) are the presenter(s) then anyone else joining the meeting will join as an attendee and will not be able to record or mute/expel other meeting participants. You can find more information here about the meeting roles and how to apply them through the meeting options.

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MS Stream

MS Stream Quicklinks

1. How do I set the permissions on my lecture recording so only the students on my module can see it?

You can set the viewing permissions within the video details section of the file that is stored in Microsoft Stream. You can view this video from one of our academics which outlines the steps required in order to achieve this.

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Staff Digital Hub

Staff Digital Hub Quicklinks

The Digital Literacies Hub developed at Queen’s provides a rich set of resources to help staff unlock their digital skills and support them to work in an ever-changing and sometimes demanding digital environment. 

The Hub is available to help staff to develop the digital skills that are essential for everyday work. Check out some key resources linked below:

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