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Qsis Access FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Qsis database holds all core details about students, classes, fees, enrolments, admissions and transcripts for the University. This information is made available to staff through personalised Qsis accounts that function as an administrative tool. In compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR requirements, the privacy rights of students and staff must be protected when processing Qsis data. Those responsible for requesting Qsis access should remember that data being accessed by staff members must be limited to what is necessary for their specific role.


Depending on your user category, how you receive access to Qsis will vary.

Clerical/Administrative Staff - Filling out a Qsis Access Request Form

Each time you require additional access on Qsis, your line manager is required to submit a Qsis Access Request Form.

This also applies if you move to a new position or department within the University, since your previous account will be deactivated as per our standard procedure. Your new line manager will then need to outline the access you require for your new role via the Qsis Access Request Form.

Clerical/Administrative Staff – Working with Qsis

Clerical and Academic Staff – Problems with Qsis Access

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