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Qsis Upgrade

Academic Self Service
Qsis has been upgraded since July 2020
Qsis - It appears different!

Students and academics now have access to a modern user friendly interface that adapts according to screen size. Access is through self-explanatory grouped tiles. Administrative staff, and academics with administrative access, have access to new navigation and more modern screens. Simulations and training material are provided on this page for all types of users.

Link to Qsis
Qsis for Administration

For clerical and administrative staff who use Qsis on a regular basis, the main change is new navigation and different colour scheme. Open this presentation to see how Qsis has changed for administration or view the simulations provided below.

Qsis Upgrade Slides
Qsis Navigation
Student Self Service
Student Simulation
Qsis for Administration
Administrative Simulation
Academic Self Service
Academic Self Service Simulation
Academics with Additional Access