What is Qsis?


Qsis for Students

What is Qsis?

Qsis is the Queen's University Student Information System which holds all core details about a student's classes, fees, enrolments, admissions, transcripts/HEAR and Degree Plus for the University. It is both an administrative tool for staff and a query tool for students.

Students can do the following in Qsis:

  • View timetable
  • Enrol on classes (up to first two weeks of term)
  • Swap classes (up to first two weeks of term)
  • View Grades
  • View Degree Classification
  • View current Anonymous ID
  • View Unofficial Transcript
  • View Unofficial HEAR
  • View and Pay fees
  • Complete Enrolment and Registration Process
  • Complete Graduation Registration
  • Complete Re-sit Registration
  • Research Students - add Records of Formal Meetings
  • Research Students - view Milestones and Records of Formal Meetings

Interactive Qsis Helpsheet for Students

Below you can find a interactive simulation which will guide you through the basics of using Qsis as a Student. Please note, for optimal performance view this simulation in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Basics of Qsis for Students

View Simulation