What is Qsis?

Qsis is the Qsis Student Information System which holds all core details about students, classes, fees, enrolments, admissions and transcripts for the University.  It is both an administrative tool for staff and a query tool for students. 

See the following simulation for guidance on how to use Qsis:

Students can do the following in Qsis:

  • View timetable
  • Enrol on classes (first two weeks of term)
  • Swap classes (first two weeks of term)
  • View Grades
  • View Classification
  • View current Anonomous ID
  • View Unofficial Transcript
  • View and Pay fees
  • Complete Enrolment and Registration Wizard
  • Complete Graduation Wizard
  • Research Students - add Records of Formal Meetings
  • Research Students - view Milestones and Records of Formal Meetings