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Controlled Substances

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Controlled Substances

A ‘Controlled Substance’ is generally a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession, or use, is regulated by a Government body. Due to the potential for abuse, controlled substances have specific regulatory requirements for their acquisition, storage, security, inventory / record keeping, disposal, importing and exporting. In some instances this also includes the requirement for personal or institutional licences, registration, or the submission of relevant information to the relevant body.


Controlled Substances' Guidance

Controlled Substances include the following:


Explosive Precursor Chemicals

Chemical Weapons' Reporting

Controlled Drugs

Drug Precursor Chemicals

Scheduled Poisons

Schedule 5 Pathogens and Toxins (Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act)

Dangerous Pathogens and Genetically Modified Organisms

In order to assure compliance with the relevant legislations, Schools / Centres are required to complete a controlled substances' audit twice a year. These audits are carried out in June and December.








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