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Information and Guidance

Queen’s University Belfast is committed to protecting staff and students participating in fieldwork activities by assessing, controlling and reducing the potential risks, so far as is reasonably practicable. The Health and Safety at Work Order for Northern Ireland requires employers to protect the safety and health of employees and others associated with its activities. The Health and Safety Management Regulations require employers to carry out risk assessments of activities, to document those with significant risk and put in place suitable and sufficient controls to eliminate or reduce the risks. USHA/UCEA Guidance on Safety in Fieldwork was drawn up in 2011 to provide guidance to the University sector on management of fieldwork activities. The guidance aligns good practice in the HE sector with British Standard BS 8848. The definition of fieldwork within the guidance is: ‘Any work carried out by staff or students for the purposes of teaching, research or other activities while representing the institution off-site’.

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