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Welcome to the McClay Library Wellbeing and Relaxation Collection and Space

Student wellbeing and accessibility matters to us, so we have created a Wellbeing and Relaxation space in the McClay Library. It features sound cancelling screens and is an oasis of calm for students against the busy backdrop of the Library.

A diversity logo featuring progressive rainbow flag, person in a wheelchair and hands around the earth

Are you sitting comfortably?  You should be. We have exceptionally cosy, wing back armchairs, partially funded by Student Wellbeing, complete with footstools or if you really want to relax try the beanbags.  We have also taken away the glare of fluorescent lighting and added adjustable reading lamps to help create a comfortable ambience.

Comfy chairs, beanbags and books in the Wellbeing Space

In addition, we have a Sun Lamp and a plasma globe light to distract you from your cares. The sun lamp provides natural sunlight and helps to combat SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Depression.  You can sit in the comfortable surroundings and bask in natural light, twenty minutes is the recommended time, for a lovely pick me up – just don’t look directly at the light!

Book coverBook cover

Our collection of books contain both print and e-books , the full collection can be found on our dedicated Wellbeing and Relaxation Collection webpage.  All the books can be borrowed. We have books on Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Stress, LGBTQ+ as well as several ailments, conditions and syndromes such as Arthritis, Chronic Illness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Sleep issues. There is also a good selection of light fiction. This area has been created with contributions from the Queen's Annual Fund.  We have designed this space with students in mind and it will continue to evolve based on your feedback, so get those proposals into our book suggestion form.

Book cover   Book cover

This blog post was written by Library Assistant, Louise Beattie who has been involved in creating the space and collection that we have today.

So far, our readers have been very positive about the area:

'Thank you from my heart for this innovative area'

'Think I have found my favourite space in the library!'

'Thank you for caring about people like me!'

For more information about the space, check out this video