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Prof Austen Rainer (EEECS, QUB)

December 5, 2023
McClay Auditorium
13:00 - 14:00

The Digital Scholarship Hub is delighted to host their final event of Semester One 23-24. Our speaker is Professor Austen Rainer (EEECS, QUB) and his topic is "Story-thinking and Computational- thinking: a mind divided?


Story thinking and computational thinking are two powerful ways of thinking about the world. For all their power, they are not all-powerful. Each has limitations and, I suggest, neither can be reduced to the other. In this talk I contrast the two ways of thinking, indicate connections to other disciplines, and briefly discuss projects I'm involved in that seek to relate these two ways of thinking.

Speaker Bio:

Professor Austen Rainer is based in School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at QUB. Software engineering makes considerable use of story-like representations, in particular the user story and the scenario. Prof Rainer is interested in how software engineers and writers think as they work on and with their respective artefacts, and what software engineers and writers might learn from each other. He investigates the extent to which the user story and the scenario "satisfy" the criteria for a story, as well as the extent to which software engineering has grounded its concepts of story in the narrative disciplines.

PLEASE NOTE: This is primarily an in-person event, with a buffet lunch for attendees at the Library Auditorium.

The event will also be broadcast live and recorded on Teams. 

Please register here to attend in person or on Teams.


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