Inter-Library Loan Online Requesting Facility

Click here to access the online requesting facility.

Current Service Availability

During the current restrictions, requests may take longer than usual and Library staff will keep you informed of any significant delay. 

During this period, Postgraduate Taught and Undergraduate students will be able to use the online article request form.

Updated October 2020

What is the Inter-Library Loan Service?


Inter-Library Loans (ILL) is a service which allows the library to get material for people which is not available in any Queen's Library branch.

The service is open to all staff and students at Queen's University. Charges to your School will apply.

Staff and Postgraduate Research students can apply for an ILL using the online requesting facility.

Postgraduate Taught and Undergraduate students will need to get signed permission from the School office manager. Request forms can be printed from here.

Making a Request


Staff and Research Students

Requests can be placed online for material not held by the Library. You can do this in two ways:

Articles are normally emailed to you. You will need to register in order to access them.

Requests cannot be taken by telephone or email.


Taught Postgraduate Students (Masters), Undergraduates and Teaching Assistants

If the book or article you require is not available in the Library, complete one of the following forms:

Inter-Library Loan - Book Request Form

Inter-Library Loan - Article Request Form

Your School Office will need to authorise these forms before you can submit them to the Library.

Articles are normally emailed to you. You will need to register in order to access them.


Associate Members

If the book or article you require is not available in the Library, complete one of the following forms and either email it to or take it to the McClay Library:

Associate Member ILL Book Request Form

Associate Member ILL Article Request Form

There is a charge of £10.00 per request, payable on receipt of the item; an additional Copyright Cleared charge of £15 +VAT will be incurred if your ILL photocopy is for commercial purpose.

Completed request forms should be submitted to the Library.


Outstanding charges may prevent you requesting Inter Library Loans. You can check and pay your fines here.

Requests cannot be taken by telephone or email.


HSC MembersAFBI Members

How Long Will a Request Take?


Once received by the Library, an ILL request will be actioned within 3 working days.

Straightforward Inter-Library Loan requests may take only 2-3 working days to receive, whereas more obscure items may take several months. The majority of requests take no more than a couple of weeks, however, it is not possible to guarantee delivery within a specific time.

It is advisable not to submit requests for loans prior to leaving Queen’s on extended leave or field work, as the material may arrive while you are away.

Receiving ILL Items


Articles delivered via email

If the British Library is able to supply your article, a link to the pdf document is delivered by email (via DRM Lite)

In order to access your first DRM Lite article, you will need to register with the British Library On Demand Service.

You will receive an email from Sender: with an active link to a document download page. Click on this link and follow the instructions to download your document.

Access to this link will cease after 30 days. Please note that ILL staff are also unable to recover the article for you after the 30 day limit. If you download and save the document you will have access to it for 3 years from the date of supply.

Click here for a DRM Lite Problem Solving Guide.


Loanable items

You will receive an email notifying you to collect the item(s) from your Branch Library.

Restrictions may be placed by the lending library requiring that some material be used in the library only.

Items for loan can usually be borrowed for 4 weeks. The return date will be written on a slip inserted in the book. Inter-library loans should be returned to the library from which they were issued.



It may be possible to extend the loan period of an item, providing it is not in demand. Please contact your library. A further extension may require an additional charge.