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About Us

Digital & Information Services are working closely with University leaders and their teams, along with our business partners, to introduce the changes needed to help us leverage emerging digital technologies.  We aim to equip our academic, research and professional services staff with the technology and capabilities they need to achieve global impact and to modernise the student journey.  This requires innovative, secure and connected systems and processes that are simple to use but will enrich the digital experience for all users.

Some of the solutions that are already delivering value include the digitisation of Exceptional Circumstances processes, a new system for Clearing enquiries and a chatbot to automate responses to frequently asked questions.  Various other projects are currently underway, including the development of a new Applicant Management System for direct applications to courses and a Strategic Engagement Platform for handling student service requests. 

However, digital transformation is not just about developing new systems and apps.  It will require reimagining how we do things at Queen's and a cultural shift in how we work together and engage with our students and the wider community.