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Current Projects

The Digital Transformation team are currently working on a variety of tactical, operational and strategic projects.

Some of these include:

Project Description Technical Lead Project Manager

AI Chatbot

An AI-driven chatbot, empowered by Microsoft Copilot, that offers modern customer support by integrating with various sources of information such as websites and documents. Operating round the clock, the chatbot delivers real-time user assistance to common queries while also facilitating live agent support for more complex issues. Peter Hassard Liam Maguire

Recognised Teachers and Supervisors

Academic staff who teach and/or supervise on validated, franchised or joint programmes which lead to a Queen’s award, or who are providing joint PhD supervision as part of a Collaborative Research Degree Programme (CRDP), must be ‘recognised’ by the University.  This is to ensure that they have the appropriate qualifications and experience to teach or supervise on a Queen’s award.

Currently, applications for recognition are made by completing a downloaded application form from the Queen’s website.  This project will rebuild the existing application form using Microsoft Forms, and integrate with SharePoint lists for more effective and secure communication and maintenance of application information.

Suzie Burns Claire Lindsay
Microsoft Teams Telephony project The objective is to move telephony natively into MS Teams to leverage the tighter integration options within the Microsoft stack. This will allow a Teams client to make and receive traditional phone calls without additional software.  The telephony will be embedded in MS Teams.  It will take users off OpenScape phones and thus reduce the need for support from OpenScape.  - Marie Teague
International Visiting Scholar Nominations Phase 2 Visiting Scholar nomination process for international applicants to include extra workflows to enable review by International Staff team (P&C) and Research and Enterprise. Phase 1 is currently under development by IS. Kiera McGill/Suzie Burns -
Student Placement GP Availability This project will develop an online process for GP practices across Northern Ireland to confirm their availability for medical student placements, using a Canvas app and guest accounts. The data collected will be processed by staff in the Centre for Medical Education via a model-driven app, with embedded Power BI dashboards for real-time reporting. Michelle McGaughey -
Fire Safety and First Aid A streamlined payment management system for fire safety & first aid staff, staff are added to the system via a form that's completed by their faculty/directorate/school's specific nominator. Jessica Nelson/Connor McCaffrey Connor McCaffrey
PG Studentship Forms Digitisation of the PG Studentship Form (.doc) into a Canvas app to improve data collection and tracking. Automated workflows will direct the form to the relevant approval areas, and authorised users will be able to track whereabouts the form is in the approval process. Approval Areas include Schools, Research Finance, Research Finance and PG Awards.  Kiera McGill -
Virtual Servers Deployment When a new Virtual Machine request is submitted it will pass through a number of Approvals from Line Manager, VM Team Approval for Resources, VM Team Approval and VM Requestor Approval in that order for the VM Request to be complete at the end of this process if all requests are approved. John McAllister -
Student International Travel Risk Assessment Digitisation of the International Travel Risk Assessment Form (.doc) into an MS Form with automated workflows and a SharePoint List. Workflows direct the form to the student’s Director of Research for a decision, with functionality to return the form to the student for amendment, onwards to Global Opportunities to inform them of an approved travel request.  Kiera McGill -
VC Action Tracking A system that allows specific groups to log and manage actions that have been motioned in their meetings. Connor McCaffrey -
Neighbourhood Engagement The development of a model-driven app to manage the residential property complaints process.  Michelle McGaughey Marie Teague
APC System application Modernising the APC payment process by the development of a Canvas App, SharePoint Lists and flows Christopher Gibson Kiera McGill