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Phase 1

Phase 1 Implementation

Phase 1 of the implementation schedule was undertaken in 2011 and involved:

  • A consultation visit with each School to assess the 88 general teaching rooms and 83 specialist teaching rooms which are currently School managed.  The visits included a physical assessment of the rooms, a discussion on current and anticipated teaching requirements and feedback on how rooms could be improved or better used.
  • The preparation of the 2011-12 timetable making full use of general teaching rooms, with Schools being asked to deliver 20% of teaching on a Friday and to utilise their own teaching accommodation before requesting a centrally bookable room.
  • Obtaining a full picture of the non-teaching activities taking place in School managed general teaching accommodation through the use of Enterprise Timetabler or where appropriate, other diary systems.

Phase 1 Outcomes

The outcomes of the consultations resulted in increased transparency of bookings in School managed accommodation and a 5% increase in the timetabling of teaching activities into School managed general teaching accommodation for the 2011-12 timetable.  However, surveys of School-managed general teaching accommodation continued to show that they are used at half the frequency of centrally bookable rooms. 

Next Steps

In response to the Phase 1 outcomes, UOB approved the development of a strategic plan to align the provision of teaching rooms with demand, both to enhance the student experience and to facilitate a more efficient use of space.  The implementation of this plan, which forms Phase 2 of the Project, will result in all general teaching accommodation, i.e. central and School based, being managed centrally for the next Academic Timetable.