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Enterprise Competitions

In order to develop their enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, students can enter a number of competitions, namely business ideas competitions and business planning competitions.

Application processes vary for each competition but students must follow the guidelines for the competition they are entering.

  • identify, analyse and solve problems by prioritising tasks, coping with complexity, setting achievable goals and taking action
  • work with information and handle a mass of diverse data, assess risk and draw conclusions (analysis, attention to detail, judgement)
  • possessing high level transferable key skills such as the ability to work with others in a team, to communicate (both orally and in writing), influence, negotiate and resolve conflict
  • displaying interpersonal sensitivity, global and cultural awareness, moral and ethical awareness and being able to adjust behaviour accordingly
  • having the ability and desire to learn for oneself and improve one’s self-awareness and performance, to uphold the values of lifelong learning and demonstrate emotional intelligence
  • demonstrating confidence and motivation to start and to finish the job, adaptability/flexibility, creativity, initiative, leadership, decision-making, negotiating and the ability to cope with stress
  • appreciate and understand how businesses operate, eg, through having had experience of the workplace
  • be aware of organisational culture, policies and processes
  • develop ability to communicate (orally and in writing) within a business context 
  • understand basic financial and commercial principles
  • appreciate and demonstrate enterprise and innovation

 What's the Big Idea? 

Some inventions save people's lives; others improve them by lightening or speeding up burdensome tasks. Some creations, such as light bulbs, automobiles and space travel, even spark revolutions that forever change human history. And then there are the ones that play Al Green songs from the mouth of a dancing, plastic fish! Today, these odd-yet-simple ideas make us ask, "Why didn't I think of that?"Tomorrow, they may cause us to wonder, "Why the heck did I buy that?"

This competion is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at Queen's who have have exciting and novel business ideas. With a total prize fund of £2100 this competition offers you an exceptional opportunity to earn some extra cash. Buts thats not all, follow up programmes will give you the opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs, develop your creative thinking and improve your business skills.

For further information and to register for this programme please contact