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Student Environmental Initiatives

Students have a key role in helping reduce the University's environmental impact. There are a number of voluntary activities which as a student you can get involved and which can gain you valuable practical experience in environmental management as well as help to achieve the University's low carbon vision.

By becoming a member of a Green Team in Elms Village or University owned student house you can get involved in a range environmental and ethical projects, campaigns and events organised throughout the year.

As a student you can also engage in the University Green Impact scheme and support your school in implementating a range of easy practical actions that will help the environment. The more actions completed by a department the more points are scored, leading to a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Award. Through this scheme Students can volunteer to support their School in achieving criteria and will be trained to undertake audits of the various green teams invloved.

You can also get involved in the work of the various Environmental Societies in the University.

For further information contact Sara Lynch