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Extracts from the General Regulations


Exceptional circumstances, for the purposes of assessment decisions, are defined as unforeseen factors, and/or factors outside a student’s control which have a negative impact on his or her performance. Chronic conditions for which students have received support and reasonable adjustments do not constitute exceptional circumstances, though a worsening of a condition may do so.

Regulations Governing Absence


i. During illness, and especially if they know that they are going to miss an examination because of illness, students should inform the relevant School Office by telephone or letter of their enforced absence, either personally or, if too ill, via someone on their behalf.

ii. The Head of School may require any student to be examined by the University’s Occupational Health Service

iii. Repeated self-certification may result in referral to the University’s Occupational Health Service


Further information can be found on the General Regulations and the Exceptional Circumstances website.