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Confirmation of your studies

Confirmation of your Studies

If all is in order with your application, the University will automatically confirm your registration and attendance to the Student Loans Company


If you are waiting for your maintenance loan and/or your tuition loan to be released, make sure that you have completed the following:

  • 1. Completed and returned your Application Form or submitted application online

    You will receive confirmation from Student Finance when your form has been received/and or assessed.

  • 2. Returned the Declaration Form

    Student Finance will process your application and if successful, they will send you your Financial Notification letter which outlines your payment plans. They will also include a Declaration Form, which you must sign and return.

  • 3. Registered for the new academic year through Qsis - full registration required

    Confirming your registration

    Maintenance loans can only be released when you have fully completed registration for the academic year. If you are a new student, this includes both online registration and onsite matriculation.

    At peak periods of the year, we notify new registrations to the SLC on a daily basis. If you have recently completed registration, please allow the University and Student Finance at least 5 working days to process your record.

    Confirming your attendance

    When your registration has been successfully confirmed, we also confirm your attendance to Student Finance at three points throughout the academic year.


Your personal information (i.e. name, address, date of birth etc.) that you have provided to the University must match exactly with the information Student Finance hold on their records otherwise your payment will be delayed.

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