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Become a Reading and Numeracy Together Mentor

Are you a Queen's Student? You can make a difference!

A vital part of Reading Together and Numeracy Together is its Queen's Student Mentors, through commitment, empathy, and enthusiasm, they build bonds with their mentees to foster a love of reading.

We will be recruiting in September 2023 for the 2023-2024 programme. If you would like to support a child on a one to one basis and are looking for paid experience working with children please email

All recruited mentors will be required to take part in 2 day training programme 

What qualities do our Mentors need?

  • Must be a current student at Queen's University Belfast
  • Must be able to commit to an hour a week over the academic year, plus account for prep time
  • Will be expected to attend monthly support meetings 
  • Attend events run by the programme, e.g. Reading Together/Numeracy Together Graduation Ceremony 
  • A commitment to the aims and ethos of Reading Together and Numeracy Together
  • Be willing to undertake training and Access NI 
  • A genuine desire to work with looked after children 
  • Committed and reliable 

Kendra - Numeracy Together Mentor

Eve - Reading Together Mentor

Charlotte - Numeracy and Reading Together Mentor


Rebecca - Numeracy and Reading Together Mentor


Caitlyn - Numeracy and Reading Together Mentor


I have enjoyed the reading together programme more than anything else I have ever done in 25 years of being a teacher! Every session made me smile. It has been a very precious experience and I will treasure the memories forever." Jo Holland, PHD Student
Queen's Student Mentor
I think the best part of Numeracy Together was when something that seemed hard and maybe a bit boring turned out to have some really fun activities like origami and it became so much less intimidating" Rachel Newell (History Student)
Queen's Student Mentor
Being a mentor in the Reading and Numeracy Together programmes has been a fantastic experience. It was great how supported I felt as a student mentor by the WPU Team at every stage of both programmes. My favourite part was seeing how each of my mentees' confidence in themselves grew over time as they began to learn new words or grasp new topics. It was great how we were given the flexibility to incorporate the children's hobbies and topics that they love into our sessions- anything from cool animal facts to football teams to wizards! I highly recommend becoming a mentor" Catriona Campbell
Biological Sciences
It's so enriching to interact with the kids every week. I feel like I learned as much from them as they learned from me. It was such good fun" Charlotte Ancion