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Transition Skills Glossary
The Meanings of Key terms

Glossary of Key Terms

Term Meaning
Academic Researcher A person who undertakes research or an investigation within an academic institution
Articles A short piece of academic writing published in a journal
Copyright  The exclusive right given by law for a certain term of years to an author, composer, designer, etc. to print, publish, and sell copies of his original work 
Editing The act of preparing a particular version
Edition  The different form, often an updated form, of an established literary work 
Editor  A person who prepares the literary work of another person, or number of persons for publication, by selecting, revising, and arranging the material
Editorial A piece of writing which expresses the author's observations, comments or opinions on a topic
Grey Literature Documentary material which is not commercially published or publicly available  
Licensing Conditions Permissions granted by the supplier of the book or journal 
Peer Reviewing Process The procedure used to evaluate the academic standing of information
Primary  The original source of information 
Provenance  The history of ownership or source of the information 
Publisher  A company which prepares and issues information in print or electronic format for distribution or sale 
Review A piece of writing which examines and evaluates works, such as books, music, artworks etc
Secondary  The source which discusses the primary source 
Transferable Skill  A skill that can be used in different contexts 
Undergraduate  A student in a university who has not yet taken a degree 
URL Uniform Resource Locator